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    Are you afraid of being your true self

    Are you afraid of being yourself?

    Psychology says that you show your true self either when you are alone or when you are among strangers. What makes you afraid to be yourself when people are around you? When you are alone, you don't hesitate to do the things that you love, as you are aware that there is no one to watch you. Same applies when it comes to interacting with people online especially when we don't know them, we are much more frank in speaking and expressing our opinions.

    Why is it so?
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    Probably it will happen to people who don't have good intentions and habits only. Some school going children wanted to go to a movie. But his elders may not aspect. So what they will do is they say in the house that they are going school, but they will go to a cinema hall for the movie if it is far away from their house and where there is no chance for known people to come there. But the grown-up people need not worry about others as long as they are sure they are not doing any illegal act. I read somewhere a quote which says you think and do what you feel is correct. But if you have any little bad feeling and doubt about the act never perform that act whatever may be the consequences. So we should be sure about the work and then can perform without any hesitation,
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    Nice question, I think as we grow we have been taught by the family and people around us as to what is wrong and what is right, the problem is what have been taught as wrong or not good may not be that bad in our views. But we hesitate to overrule the elders, what we have learned in the past.So, although we love to do things that we like, we learn to modulate our expressions and actions so that people around us don't raise an eyebrow and start advising us.I've seen at many of our homes,girls and young daughter-in-laws will be chatting,laughing but the moment the grandfather steps into the house, everybody is quiet, their language,tone and mannerisms change.Similarly, there would be many examples to quote.
    Some experts of living mention the great gift one can have are not money, gold but anonymity.You can act and interact being your true self without bothering about how people react to it.Unfortunately, this also has a dark side, wherein people being anonymous commit crimes and escape.

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    I think it is because we are afraid what the others, will think about us. There are people who are the same at home and also when people are around. I will say those are the innocent peoples. Some people become super conscious when people are around. To see their real character is slightly difficult as they know how to behave according to situations.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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