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    Spoon Feeding can leave the taker crippled for life

    This story was recited to me by my class teacher which I would like to share here:

    Once a man was taking a walk in his garden when he happened to see a cocoon in the branch. He was so fascinated by it that he decided to take it home. He took it carefully back to home and observed it every day when one day he saw that the caterpillar was trying to crawl out of its cocoon. He waited for few minutes to see if it could make its way out, but unfortunately, it failed to come out. So, this man felt pity for this creature, he decided to help it by opening up the cocoon for the caterpillar. The caterpillar seemed to be very happy to be outside. It started crawling around, he waited few more days, so that it could turn into a butterfly. Days and weeks passed by, but the caterpillar didn't progress, it kept crawling around, it didn't turn into a butterfly. So he decided to consult one of his friends for the reason behind it, which is when he got to know that it was inside the cocoon that the caterpillar slowly turns into a butterfly but you cracked it open even before it could turn into a beautiful butterfly.

    It was very late when the man realized his folly, now that caterpillar will never turn into a butterfly instead it will crawl all its life.

    Sometimes, our intentions to help by spoon feeding kids will only do more harm than good to them.
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    A good story. Spoon feeding is always not good for the progress of the children. But these days the parents are very much worried about the future of their wards and they take over care of them and spoon feed them at each and every moment and in each and every task. As such the children will become more dependant on their elders for each and every aspect and can never learn who to tackle the problematic situations and how to come out of those problems. So parents should allow their children to do some tasks on their own and observe them and they will interfere only when the children feel helpless. My grandfather used to say. if you plant a tree you should allow it to grow by penetrating its root into the ground. Instead of that if you take it out from the earth to see whether its roots are developing or not, the plant will die.
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    Very true, children should be guided and allowed to learn by themselves too. Trying to interfere with nature or trying to do all the work for them does not help. Many of us learned cycling without helmets, keen guards, shin guards or trainer side wheels, we fell, we learned quickly. Now for my children, I've used all the fancy gadgets, but I can say, I learned faster.I used to ride an adult cycle by half pedaling that we've all forgotten in the cities.
    The more we spoon feed, the more they become dependent on our help, we should allow them to do things they should so that they learn from the surrounding environment and learn answers by themselves, think makes them more street smart and better equipped.

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