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    As a leader is it better to be a great banyan tree or a simple banana plant.

    We all love to see a great big banyan tree that takes years to grow and years to fall to the ground. Many people love the shelter it offers, many birds and small mammals also benefit from it. However, if you observe closely, pretty much nothing grows around it. The roots below draw all the nutrition and the shade above takes all the sunlight. After the banyan tree, there's no legacy to continue.

    On the other hand, the banana tree allows many other plants to grow around it and every six months another small one begins to sprout. By the time the first plant is ready to die, the second plant is ready to give us the fruit. So, although small, it has a legacy that lives on.

    What would you love to be?

    (Summary from Leadership lessons: Layne A Lebo)
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    Good thoughts on how the Leadership should be. What I want to explain the Leadership expansion in this way :
    L - Lead the followers with able guidance.
    E- ensure trust and faith
    A- aim the goal for which he is made the leader
    D- Deal the inner differences aptly
    E- entrust and delegate responsibility to lower cadre
    R- Rise to the expectations

    So my explanation clearly tells that a leader should branch out like Banyan tree and impress his followers with actions and not just words.

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    I would not prefer a leader as a Banyan tree. A leader must be accessible to everybody. Also he/ she must allow others to become leaders. Otherwise how can there be leaders for the future. Moreover, a leader who do not allow to grow others becomes an autocrat. That will not be a welcome option for any country.

    A person becomes a leader only when he/she work for the welfare of the people around that person. That means he/she should be attending or caring for others. He/she must work with others not alone.

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    I feel that a leader should start as a banana,grow to a Banyan tree and then stay a Teak wood tree. A true leader should allow others to grow, give them the cool shade of comfort for their tiring work, and ever protect them from decay like a strong teak wood tree.

    In fact banana tree is not a tree in real sense but a plant only because it does not have the core wood inside. So if a leader aims a long term he has to outgrow from his banana stage and reach the all-weather-strong Teak wood stage.

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    I also accept the theory of Venkiteswaran, I feel a leader should be like a banana tree. he should see that many leaders will emerge by the side of him. He should train the people around him to see that they will also become leaders. The leader should have stuff in him and he should be able to exhibit this stuff always to others to protect the future leads who are there by his side. A good leader should be strong enough to protect his team and should develop a team spirit among the people and attribute the success of his team to all but not to an individual. This will give strength to the team and all participants will exhibit their maximum talent and see that their team will be on the top always. So a leader should be able to identify the talent of his team members and use him in correct position basing on his strengths and train him in the fields in which he requires additional strength. This will make his team further strong. A banana initially should become a teak wood in the course of time.
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    The Banyan Tree represents the traditional method of being a leader, whereas Banyan tree allows's others to grow as well. But when other trees are growing under the leadership of banana a strong storm can uproot all of them which might not be good whereas a banyan tree can withstand all of it by providing shelter to everyone.

    I do agree of the words said by #614339

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    I would prefer to be a banyan tree which is stronger and provides shades to many. Eventhough there are not many young ones grown like banana plant, banyan tree has many braches. It is a huge tree, so should be the knowledge of a leader. It gives shade, so is the leader protecting his followers. No matter how strong the wind is, banyan tree will be there to protect its followers. So I would rather like to be a banyan tree than a banana plant.
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    A leader has to lead his people in such a way that his country develops and citizens get jobs and justice. If he is only bothered for his own growth then others will not get opportunity and that will be an adverse thing for the country in long run.

    So being a banyan tree may be good for his own growth but being a tree like banana (in a symbolic way of course) will be a better choice for the country as well as it's citizens.

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    meaningful replies, a leader should start as a banana tree/plant and the grow into a solid teak tree thus encourage the growth of newer leaders and still be strong to lend a hand when needed.

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