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    Can China become a superpower if it has enmity with most of its neighbours?

    US became a superpower because it is in good terms with both its neighbours, Canada and Mexico. Though with Mexico, it has some issues, these are not security issues. On the other hand China wants to become a superpower. But it is not in good terms with most of its neighbours. If it has so much enmity in its neighbourhood, how can it become a superpower? Will the neighbours allow it to become a superpower? Won't they create troubles for it everywhere?
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    I don't think Mexico would be an issue for a country like US and Canada by far is a more peaceful nation than others. China is a huge nation with a relentless workforce that keeps producing and producing every product you can think of. I think China is way ahead in the game of safeguarding resources like land, resources, and economy. I mentioned economy because the current border issues are not a threat to invade India or grab Indian land. It is like weakening your opponent in a trade by creating problems that will need more attention. Further on these are used against us in the diplomatic negotiations to have trade relations that favors China.
    China has many interests and investments around the world especially Brazil.Why does China need so much in Africa and Brazil, its because resources that count in the long run to fuel the race to a superpower nation.

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    I completely concur with Natarajan comments .As China will not fear anybody and there are many countries that depend on China and not with India.China will become superpower no doubt about it. Nobody can beat China in near future.
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    I feel what Natarajan mentioned is true. For a country like the US, Mexico is not an issue. But for a country like India, Pakistan itself is the country to be careful with? Then China is a big country which is well ahead of our country in many matters. For us a threat from Pakistan and another threat from China, making us be cautious always. We are exhausting majority of our resources for our country's defence and that is becoming a constraint for the development of our country. China is a very diplomatic country which makes us be in our defence and it is developing. As such overtaking China by us appears to be unachievable. Another problem in our country, the politicians always play their cards for their interest but not for the country's interest. This attitude of these people is a big threat than the neighbouring countries. All politicians in India should the interest of the country than their personal interest. Then definitely Indian can forge ahead and beat China in all aspects.
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    I think the way China has emerged as a leading economy and indulge most of the neighboring countries in a debt trap by providing money as well as funding various projects in these countries so that countries couldn't speak anything against China. This has also made China utilize resources of its own and from these countries in best possible manner.
    Few examples are
    1. Sri Lanka Under Debt trap of China-
    Hambantota Port of Srilanka was built by a Chinese company and funded by Chinese loans.
    But now Sri Lanka is struggling to repay that money, and so has signed an agreement to give a Chinese firm a stake in the port as a way of paying down some of that debt.
    2. CPEC
    A similar thing is happening in Pakistan as China is developing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with a huge investment but this will give China autonomy to some state in this corridor and a condition like Srilanka may arise.
    3. China is also trying to woo the Bangladeshi government into its debt trap

    And with its new initiative of One Road One Belt China is leaving its mark on the whole of Asia and emerging as a Superpower and for this does not support from any country because China is buying this support through money and its various economic projects.

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