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    Who influenced you best in your character formation.

    Each one of us has grown watching others and knowingly or unknowingly our character has been developed through this process. Naturally, our father and mother are the two persons with whom we grow. Hence their contributions to our character formation must be more. In certain cases it would be father and in others mother. It will be interesting to look back and find out what are the characters we copied from our mothers and those from our fathers. Naturally we would have copied something from some others.
    In my case father has contributed to a large extent. He was a person who could change the whole village where he was living. A completely undeveloped village where he started living with his family is now a developed area with road connectivity to other areas, a post office, a Higher Secondary School, a health centre, library, etc. are there. Father never tried to boost himself and did not like publicity. He seldom appeared in public. As a father he never tried to interfere in our daily routines. It was mother who looked into our routine things. At the same time father knew our needs and helped us through mother. Everybody respected him. His knowledge spread into different subjects. Literature, Ayurveda, astrology, mathematics, architecture, Homeopathy, politics, economics, etc. Basically he was educated up to the intermediate level. All these attracted me and copied several things from him. Because of that most of the assignments came to me without running after that. Even the present position I am holding came to me even without my knowledge.
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    I would say my mother influenced me the most in my character formation. From my birth tillmy marriage I was always with her only so none other than my mom has inspired and influenced me. It is she who taught me what is right and wrong and thus I developed a character of my own. Ofcourse I have certain traits of my dad and that is more of genetical and inherited.
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    My mother and father both have equal influence on me. My most of the nature is exactly like my father, being very honest and also taking things to heart very easily. But I always learn a lot of things from my mother, she is very patient in whatever work she does. She does not lose hope. She always takes her decisions without any tensions and remains ready to bear them in case of any issues. This attitude of hers I love a lot and keep following her.
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    From the stages of being an infant of six months, I was under the care of my maternal grandparents. I was with them till I completed my lower primary school . So I naturally take that a major part of my character formation was influenced by my grandparents. I was with my parents only for about 11 years only. My parents were also like any general parents of that time who did not show affection by express hugging, or showy behaviour or giving lectures ,but gave us enough space to be of our own and learn by doing under their care. So I earned a lot from my father and mother by observing and following them. My father was a self made man and I could see that he had to struggle and suffer due to no one there to guide him. But still he kept his values and kept his cool and willpower. He was very kind, humane , magnanimous and broadminded. So he was real life lesson to me. From my mother I have imbibed a lot of human values and the habit of savings .

    But I can say I am more influenced by grandparents as reasoned in the first line, and also from the easily detectable difference in behaviour and approach from my siblings.

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    Well I always feel proud of my parents and especially my father who was the sole bread earner for the total family members of 10 members. My father being a central government servant, his job kept on transfer mode and so made a decision to settle at Hyderabad so that it is the center of India and he can move to any city on job posting and come back every three years. And remember my mother does not know the local language and yet she could nurture us, give the education and above all made us the person. Really in these days we cannot imagine even rearing one child and in those days the parents used to have so many children and yet they wont get fed up with the activities. My father is the inspiration to me and my mother patience and the way she controlled us are dynamics which we learned in due course. That is the reason being so we are not afraid to live in poverty and get adjusted to live in style.
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    Many of us as humans are influenced by the first few people in our lives who constantly register in our minds and thoughts.For most it's our parents, for some it will be grandparents, elder sibling or close relatives. My father influenced me a lot, he would be strict when needed, polite rest of the times. He would takes us out whenever time permitted, got us things beyond his reach,took out loans to educate us and give us a chance to be better people.Even after marriage, he still paid for my first job related visa application.
    As the family has increased, our outlook has changed but he still work in our family buissness conributing his worth.He's very quick to check when someone is mistreating us,Never be bothered by what's happening around you, just do your part honestly ,rest will be done by God- that's his approach. so we have picked up all his mannerisms and approach to life. Mother has been quitely supporting all of us in the background tyring to juggle between needs of the families,new additions and grandchildren without bothering about herself.

    We don't need to move mountains with our good character, for most of us, I think if we can be as good as our parents have been and do not do anything that will tarnish their image in the family circles, then we would have achieved something in life.

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    I'll be honest. I've got a weakness. I get influenced easily. By even a stranger. I fall in and out of love easily.
    With a mentality like that I can't truly pinpoint who influenced me the most.
    So, I'll divide myself into bits and try to answer this:
    1. Language: My 10th class's English teacher called Petula. She's responsible for whatever I know in English.
    But thanks to my lineage I can speak efficiently Tamil,Telugu and Hindi.

    2. Confidence: This is something my seniors of gave me. Through ragging. Sounds incorrect? The more embarrassing things you do, the more confident you become. Other than my seniors, my classmates helped me a great deal too.

    3. My present attitude: It is attributed to my friends who I met in Engineering. I've got 7 friends of which 3 will remain my best friends. They have shaped me into a new and a better version.

    4. My thoughts: Anime, movies and books I've experienced. I always think,"Everything you come across has a lesson to teach". So, I keep looking for the moral in every thing I experience.

    I think that's what summarizes a person's character. How he's with himself and how he's with others.

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    There are lot of things that have influenced me at different point of my life but if I talk about character formation it is my father whose affect is clearly seen on my behavior I am exactly like him many things, I talk like him and I remember every story he have told me and often used them during public speeches in school and college.
    We are too similar and even our way of thinking matches. Sometime I feel like I his exact copy whether its positive most of my attributes I have inherited from him which are not just physical but also mental.

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    Personally my total guide is my grand father. As we were in joint family system till my employment, my grand father gave me much practical training in all aspects to me to build a good character and practice. Not only to me, he took all my brothers to post office practically explained how a postal stamp to bought and paste, how a registered post to be sent, how a money order/telegram to be sent etc., He took us to the bank and trained us to fill the challans. He trained us to respond letters received especially bearing sad news. He used to tell us to write reply immediately if such letters comes.
    Next Official Guide is my senior in my office, where I served from 1981-2004. He gave me full freedom in working and smooth running of the department which itself a motivation to me to work with interest and enthusiasm.

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    I have the influence of 3 people on my life. I architectured my life the way I feel better by taking the like from all the three. They are my grandfather(Mother's father), My father and My mother. My grandfather is a down to earth person without any egos and show-offs. He helped many people in the village with his medicines without asking for any money in return. He used to tell me many stories which are instrumental in teaching us the ethics. Even today I follow the ethical ways taught by him in my childhood. The second one is my father who had taken so many pains in making the life of his brothers happy. At the age of 19th, he became the chief earner of the family due to the sudden demise of his father. I learned from him how to support the family. The same way I have supported him in making all my brothers and sisters settle in their life. My mother is a person having a lot of patience and she used to observe the children very nicely and warn them wherever it is required. I also have a lot of patience and never get easily short-tempered. In my life, I have the learnings in shaping my character from these three of my elders.
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    I am not fortunate enough to get the company of my grandparents. Both of them lef the world much before I was born. Same is applicable for my maternal grandfather. I could see only my maternal grandmother at the fag end of her life. She also left the world when I was only five and a half year old.

    I have been influenced by many people. However, my parents and one of my maternal uncles have influenced me most. My study, my interest in various subjects, to speak the truth, not to bother about being 'politically incorrect' have been taught by them. In addition, I have been deeply influenced by my History teacher in school and a military officer, Lt. Gen. B. N. Sircar, both of whom have made indelible impact on my life.

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