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    Our Older generation following the new trends

    It's so cute to see our elders following some of the new trends. Like using social media especially the watsapp or facebook. Today my mother was operating watsapp and she wanted to send some message to a family group. Some of my relatives had shared some pictures and she wanted to comment on it.
    She very nicely asked me "What should I write beta, I want to give a very nice comment to their picture." I told her what she should write and she was so happy and excited while she was writing the comments. I felt so happy seeing her happiness and eagerness to learn all this. She always keeps asking me the spellings in Hindi while she is writing a comment or regarding the emoticons, when should we send which one.
    It has been noticed that elders are more keen to learn to use these WatsApp and facebook apps and also they are the most active people there. They always want to stay connected through these apps by sending some good morning or evening messages or some nice or funny videos. Elders are much keen than the youngsters in many of such new trends and want to learn the new ways of speaking also.
    It looks so cute seeing them like this.
    Don't you think so?
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    Yes what you said is right. The need of the hour is to sail with the tide. Though the elders are averse and do not like wasting time on social media, and once they get to know the nuances of it , then they would realize how to connect with near and dear ones instantly and get satisfied. Especially the elders are getting moved with the video calling facility and that is giving them immense pleasure as they are able to see what their grand children are doing far off and yet connected with the media. So this is one more example which signifies that social media can also influence those who are against it.
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    Elders have a way with new things as they have spent a long time in life learning and adapting with new things.They are quite quick to pick up the basic things like seeing pictures on a smart phone, sending wishes on what's up, checking train status. I think the more useful the feature or app is form them to stay connected with the new world wherein their children, grandchildren or close relatives are, the more their eagerness to learn. They often type with a single finger slowly and communicate.
    As we grow older, we are not averse to new technology, it's the cost and the extent to which it helps them to be able to simplify their lives and enhance their emotional well being(staying in touch with families). I've seen grandparents showing the pictures of their grandchildren or a birthday snap to their friends happily in our neighborhood, while the grandchildren in miles away. At least, these new technologies and apps help them to be joyful for a little while.The same goes to their dressing, travelling and eating options.

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    Yes, elders like to be active in social media and have interest to know more about social media and internet. Elders people use internet not for timpass but when only required. My father is thankful to social media as he's living in foriegn country mostly so through only social media they connects with their family through video calling using internet. Old people likely to be very believing while click on any links. they believe in the proper formal way of talking and chat looks clean.

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    In my opinion, not only elders but also younger generation is also keen to use these social media sites. But the purposes are different. My mother is 80 years old. She had a smartphone. We have a WhatsApp group and she sends voice messages, comments, videos, photos and other forwards in the group. My father is 84 years. He uses the only landline phone. He even doesn't know how to use a smartphone. This depends on the individual's interest and learning. My father is a voracious reader. He likes reading books. So major time he spends in reading. My mother is having a lot of interest in these electronic gadgets and modern tools. The Younger generation also has a lot of interest in using the gadgets. They use for chatting with friends and sending messages and other matters. So we can't say only elders or only youngers are interested in using the items. This is more an individual's interest rather than a general group.
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    Agreed and happy to note this but at the same time very sad that no youngsters are following the words and suggestions of elders at any cost and even though they know it is best to them. Many things we have to learn from them free of cost and they are good to our daily life too. Once I took my paternal uncle to an Ayurveda doctor for his sugar treatment. She during her treatment suggested him to use fenugreek (methi) seeds in his routine to some extent so that the sugar can get controlled. As my father (his elder brother-who was free from diabetic or BP till his last breath - 86 years) used to chew the fenugreek seeds frequently as if a chewing gum in his daily routine, my uncle told the same to the doctor with proud. The doctor asked my uncle, 'why did not you follow the good habit from your brother, if so you will not come here for this treatment.'
    Similarly the following good habits from older generation is appreciable than the older generation following new trends.

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    It is very difficult for elderly people (even for us who are middle-aged) to adopt the philosophy of social media. However, in spite of this, some elderly people have been slowly becoming conversant with social media. They are communicating with others through social media. This is really a hearteing news. |We must encourage them.

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    How sweet. Even my parents does the same thing and ofcourse it is a cute gesture. They are new to whatsapp and fb that they find every thing interesting.
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