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    Human behavior really needs improvement

    What do you think makes us the civilized human beings? Being civilized means we follow the politeness, be humble to the people we meet, see everyone in the eyes of respect. Being civilized means when a human being follows the right ways of doing things, maintain a sober behavior in the society and also with people. Don't you think that human behavior needs to be enhanced to reach certain good levels and also to avoid unnecessary disputes?
    The way one talks, the one-way one replies to others, the way we hear to people and start judging them. People need to re-look into their behavioral aspects.
    People today are like fighting on unnecessary things or topics. I have seen examples where people start to misbehave with a child. The cold wars must be happening between two little children, and the parent jumps in between saying bad things to a little child, just to protect their own child. I will just cite an instance that happened in my society, I was not aware of what actually happened at that moment, someone from the society told me. That there were two children playing and suddenly they had a fight with each other. Both were boys, one boy started saying bad words to the other. So, the other boy's mother came and she either started saying more bad words to the other little boy, who said the same. In spite of telling him to speak in a nice manner and use right words, she said "You spoke like this because you belong to an economically weaker section of our society. There were many teens nearby and they noticed this too. In any way, the fight continued when the other boy's parents also arrived there.

    But what does this incident tell us about the way we are talking about our behaviors. Now that lady who talked to the little boy is an educated lady and is also an Electronics engineer. This tells in spite of having good education and knowledge, human beings have still kept their minds and thought process as lower. We are still categorizing people on their castes and creed, such people should be called as "Educated illiterate" in my opinion. Why can't we enhance our behavior and think from a human perspective only?
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    From the incident quoted by the author the human behavior are no where concerned with the education and when it comes to safeguarding the interest of their own child, people would stoop to any level than local. The ego, being great than others, and not succumbing to the needs of the society are the reasons for such arrogant behavior. And what is more intriguing that many people support the guy who is already erring and thus escalate the tension further. This kind of show offs happen in apartments where in due to tiff off between children the adults involve and spoil the entire tranquility.
    K Mohan
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    This is true and is happenings in many places. Here the concept of my child is coming into the picture. If there is a fight between two children if we call them and make them understand what is right and wrong and ask them not to repeat such fights, both of them will receive the points normally. Instead of that, some parents without understanding the whole issue start shouting at the other child and support their child even though he is at fault. This attitude will lead to further more complications and the whole system will become a difficult system. But this is a very wrong attitude and bring caste, creed, status and economic position into the picture is a very bad attitude. This will increase the distance between the guys and will result in a permanent enmity. So educated people should understand and behave themselves so that the children will not become arrogant. Generally, it is better to educate them properly and see that the children behave properly with other children.
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    @ Mohan Sir: Whatever I quoted here describes the bad behavior of that lady. Being an elder she spoke like that, this does not impart goodness or manners at all. I don't think there was any point in protecting her child there. In spite of teaching both of those children good deeds, she herself used bad words and misbehaved with the little one in the name of his caste. This is not human if I say. What her child is going to learn seeing all this? Also, what the other child must have thought hearing all this. Children today are much smarter and they understand everything that is being said to them.
    Education teaches us that we are all equal in the eyes of Lord. It is better to remain illiterate than to behave like such an educated piece

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    This happens in neighborhoods, often in the spur of the moment, harsh words expressed without thinking properly. The love for their children often makes the parents blind to the environment and situation. Because their child has been verbally abused, they are compelled to stand up for their child and indirectly defend the argument on behalf of the child. When an adult steps into the child's fight, then it escalates with both sides behaving emotionally and not rationally.
    Yes, this could have been handled better or the mother could have just left her son and diffused the entire episode and then she could have had a quiet word with the other mother.

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