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    Guy Fawkes Night: Fireworks And Dilemma

    On 5th of November, since 1605, Great Britain celebrates Guy Fawkes night.A night when a plot to kill King James I of England failed. The king survived and his council allowed people to celebrate this day with bonfires safely.

    One of the members of the gunpowder plot was Guy Fawkes who was arrested, crackers are burst like we do on Diwali, Fawkes effigy is often burnt like we burn the effigy of Ravana. On this lots of fireworks display are organized.Every year like we had the Diwali cracker debate, many organizations educate people and appeal for an eco-friendly Guy Fawkes Night. There are some reports that many councils are worried about the deadly effect of smoke, frost and the cold weather.

    The reasons are the same here and there Good wins over Evil, Celebrations were ordered in 1605 as long as it doesn't harm others. Likewise, we also had a discussion about the harmful effects here and the same is being discussed in Britain. We are humans after all.
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    For me this is the new information that people in Great Britain celebrates Guy Fawkes night on the lines of Deepavali for the reasons mentioned by the author. So fireworks are used elsewhere in the world reasoning something or the other. But just I want to know what kind of fire works are used. Normally our fireworks are very toxic and even danger to inhale the smoke and that is the reason being so even courts are coming in favor of banning fire works fearing further deterioration of climate in Delhi. London is developed place and how the people cope up with fire works pollution there ?
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    Saw V for Vendetta? That's where I heard this from. Good and evil are taken and used lightly. Guy Fawkes was leading a revolution against a tyrannical king. And it failed.
    But why would people burn a person for his great failure?

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Guy Fawkes was revolutionist and he leads a revolution against the then king. It was not successful. Obviously, the king will feel happy and the people under him to please him more ordered a festival and celebration. Fireworks usage has come into force. It is oK. It is like our Deepavali celebrations. That means using fireworks for festivals is known in other countries also and in other religions also. This is good and we are happy to note that.
    Then come the environmental issues and green technology, all these issues follow. But nobody stops using these fireworks. Whether it is Britain or It is India, the system is same, the public is same and the outcome is also same. The whole world is using the same type of pyrotechnics. They are also equally hazardous. So far green fireworks concept has not taken its correct shape. Around the world, some works are going on and we may shortly get green pyrotechnics which is environmentally friendly. But it is better to find out alternative materials for use on these days. The plastic balloons can be pumped with air and then 10 put together can be punctured using a needle. It will make good noise and get burst. Like this, if we have some alternatives, it may be good.

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    Good piece of information, I guess people around the globe is now truly worried about the pollution caused in the environment. I hope discussions bring fruitful results.

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    like us, there are reports of citizens in England calling for a ban or suspension of bonfires and fireworks. health issues also have been highlighted due to the fog, cold and the pollutants from the smoke.

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