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    The fallen comedian

    I set my tie up straight
    And walk onto my stage.
    I welcomed everyone with a roar
    To my weekly comedy show.
    "My audience's numbers are falling like stock market rates".
    But not a hint of laughter on their face.
    Less becomes lesser every week
    Show's not doing good lately.

    But I do this for myself. I like to make people laugh.
    So audience doesn't matter. I can still pull it off.
    I started,"Stella the one eyed frog said..."
    But their enthusiasm was long dead.

    Some started to leave
    Some already fell asleep
    Some were on their phone
    'Please don't ignore me anymore'.

    The crowd that cheered during my act
    Is now afraid to make an eye contact
    But the artist inside me is hungry for applause.
    I kept volleying jokes without a moment's

    But no one laughed. They didn't even smile.
    I felt my voice quiver as my throat went dry.

    My feet felt light and my head felt heavy
    Bathed in sweat and my vision goes blurry.
    I stutter. I squeak.
    I can no longer speak.

    They were puzzled a moment ago. Now they're annoyed.
    I guess it's because the show which they have enjoyed
    Has now declined to nothingness!
    It no longer distributes happiness!

    With all my courage I throw another punch.
    My funniest joke was returned with silence.

    They used to roll on the floor laughing
    Their eyes teared when they were coughing
    It was indeed a sight to see
    That's why I pursued comedy

    My failure overwhelmed me
    I dropped the mic to leave
    I tripped myself accidentally
    Fell down and hurt my heel.

    Now they all burst into laughter at once.

    I liked to make these people laugh
    Now they mock me and they scoff
    I stood up with my head hung low.
    I can never perform comedy anymore.

    Note: I know I keep posting my poems all the time. I've a very good reason why. I saw that since I've started posting poems, many had followed the same. I feel motivated and I motivate others too.
    It's strictly educational too as people can develop better vocabulary and an artistic perception through poems better. Thank you for all those who.patiently read the lengthy stories I call poems.
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    The highs and lows of a comedian life has been well brought out in this wonderful poem. Of late we are having a treat on the television in the name of great Indian laughter. While closely watching the program, nothing gets impress me. Stand up comedy cannot be done without having dig at others, But in the name of comedy one should not penetrate into others life and belittle them. Invariably every comedian does that which is not right. Comedy must be original and one can take cue from our daily life and show case the same in front of audience. But that kind of comedians are very rare.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice post Aditya, impressed by the skill and command over the language you have. We've heard of poetry in motion. Yes, this certainly tells a story in flowering verses.
    Elegant capture of the life of a comedian, many times this happens at work place or among a group of youngsters,many who were welcomed with open arms are willfully ignored and relegated to a corner. Most of them suffer in silence and some rebel.But we have to keep moving on and re-inventing our acts to stay afloat.
    Your last para is true, please continue posting your excellent threads.

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    I am deeply impressed by the description of life of a comedian through the medium of poetry. Hat's off to Mr. Aditya Mohan.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It always a delight to read your poems, you do observe or understand people's life very well!
    Kudos to your talents. Keep writing such many more poems.

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    Your poems are always so realistic and close to real life that I am fascinated with the fact that how you end up writng all these poems as if they are your own experience with rhyming perfectly fit and making perfect sense. I really enjoyed reading this poem .
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    "I tripped myself accidentally
    Fell down and hurt my heel.
    Now they all burst into laughter at once"
    These are the lines which gave a proper justification to the poem "The fallen comedian". Good work Mr. Aditya Mohan. Keep going!

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    Soundharya! You are awesome! There was a hidden pun in my creation which I failed to notice.
    And thanks to everyone who reads what I write.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A very nice way of poetic presentation. Very well written by the author. A life of a comedian who used to get applause from the audience feels the change in the scenario. Now nobody is there to appreciate. But there are people to laugh at your suffering. A true mentality of the modern people is shown very nicely and correctly. There are many people who laugh at others problems. The total value of your poem is shown in these lines. You have presented the true mentality of the people very correctly. Your poem made to read to the end. Generally, I am not a very good reader of poems. But you have made me to read it to the end. Nice meaning, nice message and nice presentation. All the best to you and I hope you will continue your good work and make all of us to read a good poetry from you.
    always confident

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    The poem is quite impressive Aditya and the concluding stanza is the peak of your poetic way of presentation of real happening. Yes, the pain he swallowed made others to laugh and enjoy and that's the fact of life!

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    Nice and impressive thread Aditya. You are talented and you definitely have good command over the language.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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