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    Why USA is trying to control North Korea when it is not able to contain shootouts and truck attacks?

    Everyday, we hear news about shootouts and truck attacks in USA but it is not in a position to control such attacks. But it is trying to control North Korea in the name of world peace and protecting its own citizens. North Korea may not attack any country because of its size but it will retaliate if someone attacks it. No one in this world wants a war in the present situation. In such a scenario, why USA is trying to control North Korea when it is not able to contain its own shootouts and truck attacks?
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    Mr. Bhuvan, is it possible to control'lone wolf' attack everytime? This is the inherent advantage for the terrorists. If the security forces thwart 99 of the 100 attacks, the one which couldn't be thwarted would make the headlines. But what is the relationship between terrorist attack and containing a 'rogue state'?
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    Good question Bhuvan, every society and nation has its own share of crime and one man/Government cannot change it completely, that's the truth. Most people in general are leading lives for many reasons and at the core of this process is being alive, having a life to lead our lives. Unfortunately deviants in the society are the opposite, they live or have altered views about life and at the core is taking a life to prove their views. So whatever we do, however vigilant you can be, we can never prevent these crimes. We want to live a life, they want to take a life.
    What can be done is, once we know the specific details, then we can address the issues. Is it a hate crime, is it a terrorist act, is it a random act of a disturbed person, is it related to lack of laws or monitoring related to accumulating guns etc. The issue with USA vs North Korea is the history of animosity between them and the fact that such issues need diplomacy, bit of hierarchy, bit of arm twisting etc. Hence USA constantly watching North Korea.

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    But Partha sir, US is trying to control North Korea in the guise of protecting its own citizens also. But it is not able to protect its own citizens in its own territory. That means it has its own loopholes in the backyard. Let it cover its own loopholes first. If a war breaks out, it will not be restricted to only USA and North Korea.

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    Mr. Bhuban: It is not possible for any country to prevent terrorism. As a student of international terrorism, I say this with utmost seriousness. The element of surprise lies with the terrorist and even if the security forces thwart 99 out of 100 cases, in one case, terrorists would be successful. And that success will get publicity.

    This is the nature of terrorism everywhere. No country can provide full-proof security against the terrorists. But that doesn't mean that world community won't try to contain rogue-nation, where the head of the state is behaving like a terrorist.

    These two issues have no relation whatsoever.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Though, from humanitarian point of view you're right, from political point of view you're not. I can give you a rebuttal saying,"When there are riots,rapes,internal aggression and rebellions going on in mainland India, why should India take control of Kashmir, why not make it a sovereign country?" I know your reply would be,"Because Kashmir belongs to India". And it is a very good reply too. But when it comes to strengthening the power, unleashing terror is the easiest way. US cannot control internal aggression just like India cannot. That's the problem with democracy. The fact that a leader from a party will only be liked by a few and disliked by the rest. This causes unrest in the regime.
    This never happens in non-democratic nations. Ever heard of internal aggression in England or Thailand or Japan in recent years? Well, UN, is a puppet of USA. And using peace as an excuse, US has invaded the world a dozen times. Now North Korea is the excuse, that is all.
    And we cannot entirely blame USA because we all know Korea asked for it.

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    It is true that controlling 100% terrorism in any country by any government is not possible. But many countries putting in their best controls and able to restrain maximum. But 99% of acts controlled also if the terrorists are successful by 1%, that will get a lot of advertisement and lot of unrest will develop. At the same time, there is nothing wrong in trying to control the rise of terrorists at the grassroots level is to be carried out always by all countries.
    Coming to Kashmir as opined by Aditya it is not a simple issue like making it a special country. Then another Border state also will get problematic and we may have to make that also as a separate state. That can't be the solution for that problem. internal aggression and rebellions may be going on in the country and government will be making its efforts to control that. Because of that reason losing a part of the country by making it a separate country can't be a solution.

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