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    Imagine this! A 10 year old becomes a member of ISC

    Now as far as I can remember ISC didn't have any regulations about age. Even if it did, imagine a kid,10 years old,enters the site,registers and logs in anyway.
    What would this all look like to him? Children of today can handle sophisticated games and apps.
    A website like ISC, is pretty easy for him. What do you think his threads will be like?
    How his responses to other threads would be?
    Will he be productive because children are generally more creative than elders?
    Will he be using the message and gift features more?
    Will he be given negative points repeatedly or will he be a platinum member in a month?
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    We should not under estimate the boys/girls of present generation. They are extraordinarily greater than the previous generation. They are very intelligent and can perform well at ISC. They may not ask childish questions or raise silly forum threads. We can see some wonder at ISC if a 10 year boy joins ISC.
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    There is no age restriction in ISC not only to join but also for performance also. Anybody can join and anybody can perform. These days the boys are very intelligent and have a lot of skills. They can do much better than elder people in some areas. The editors will see the thread on its own merits and demerits instead of who has written this thread and what his age and what is his qualification will not be taken into account. A thread posted by an author will get TOW award and another thread of the same author may get rejected. So this will have happened in all the cases irrespective of your age and other things which are no way effects your performance. So don't think of age and other things. These days even 10-year boy also is able to write and talk very good English.
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    It really gives me immense pleasure to have noticed this surprising news. Any way, we have to believe the kids of the present generation in respect of their level of intelligence. They can show their maturity in every fields - be it education or otherwise. There are instances that a boy of nine years old of Delhi drove a car on the bussy road with a fair intention of the medical aid of a seven year old boy who met with an accident resulting in profuse bleeding oozing out of his head. A boy of fourteen year could clear IIT test and the same news appeared in a paper a few years back. These testimony are the reflections of strength of the present generation.
    Hence, it would not be surprising if any informative articles appear in different forums of ISC channel. ISC channel has not put any restriction in respect of age and this, too, is a marvellous step to encourage the potential members.

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    With the easily availability of internet and with increasing computer literacy, it is not a very astonishing news anymore. When a 14 year old can become a computer programmer or hacker, a 10-year old can also become a Member of ISC. I welcome him/her and want to understand what he/she thinks or aspires. I would also like to know if he/she has any specific question which is required to be answered.

    Best wishes to the young boy/girl!

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    A ten-year-old in ISC wouldn't be surprising at all. I am sure they would have different and a very interesting perspective towards the world and we will get to know more of their thought process as well.

    Once they are encouraged, I am sure they will be superstars in every section and won't be left far behind.

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    Who says a ten year old boy or girl lacks knowledge and talent. In fact children of first class onward are getting more exposed to the internet and the gadgets and they know how to operate phone, how to use social media and what to type. They may not have wide knowledge about how we converse and write here. But surely they may raise such questions to which we cannot answer. Probably if he shoots the question " Why the moon is cool and why the sun is hot. ? When every thing gets destroyed due to powerful sun and its rays, how come moon wont melt. ? Surely his parents and we cannot give satisfied reply.
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    Since children today are very active and highly creative. They are definitely going to bring in some new and funny ideas to ISC, if a 10 year old joins ISC. It will be fun to watch their sort of work and creation.
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    Anything is possible Aditya, a 10-year-old with a good brain and sharp wit, will have threads on why school plus questions, why so much of homework, why should parents go to school, why should children be punished. His replies to the thread will breathe a fresh life into ISC. He won't be into politics and retirement threads. He may write articles on my school life, my best friend, grading vs ranking my views. It would be a joy to see whether he slides down the ladders or keeps going for the diamond.

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    It will be really interesting if a 10 year old join ISC for him as well as all other ISc member as threads posted by him will be more unique with totally different prespective and interesting qurries.
    And naturally there will be much creativity and a platform like ISC will be very good for kids as it will provide them a pocketmoney-cum earning at such a tender age all by themaelves and this incentive will definately help them to boost up their writing skills.

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