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    Are reviews and ratings needed for a movie?

    The movie review is one column which we can catch on Friday newspapers or cine magazines where an in-depth analysis of the story and technical insights handled in a recently released movie will be discussed. At the end, an overall rating of the movie will be displayed. But until now I have no idea on what basis the movie ratings are calculated. A few years back, people wait till Friday and will read the written reviews of the movie which was released a week before, but now YouTube reviewers have brought a revolution and many online channels are reviewing movies and are uploading their review videos on the day of the movie release. When compared to the written reviews, nowadays a large set of audience prefer to watch movie review videos of length 5 to 10 minutes. Always there is one set of a crowd in our society which will watch the movie in theaters based on the movie reviews and ratings. Are you the one among the crowd?

    A movie review is generally a crispy feedback about a movie whether it is worth watching or not. The taste of the audience varies and not everyone will enjoy the content presented in a movie. Most of the times when analyzed at the base level, a review portrays the personal opinion of the reviewers instead of the generalized views of the audience. Are reviews and ratings really needed for a movie?

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    I decide basing on the reviews and rankings only. I will not go to watch a movie which was ranked as below average.But I go to some movies even though the ratings are low if the music and actors are good. These reviews and rankings are very good to have an understanding before going to watch the cinema. I feel they are necessary.
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    Yes, it is required. I select movies to watch based on the reviews and ratings available online. It helps me to avoid wasting my time on useless and crap movies. Some movies comes up with lot of advertisements but it will be a total crap. Sometimes movies are hiked up by its songs but when it comes to the story, it will be terrible. In such cases reviews helps a lot. We get to read the opinions of not one but many people. Based on the overall review you can decide whether it is your type of movie or not. Watching trailers also helps to an extent in deciding whether to chose a movie or not.
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    I guess yes, they give you an idea of whether a movie is worth to watch or not. People will definitely not check just one review, they will check multiple reviews to make a decision. It is also a deciding factor for the filmmakers to know how well the audience has taken it.

    But again, how the ratings are determined is a question mark. Most of the time the reviews are actually true, barring few exceptional cases.

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    Every movie is produced with great casting and huge budget. The producers and directors put their hundred percent efforts along with artist and team work to have the best film. But when the film is released and how the audience received it would be million dollar question and every one would be tensed. When Bahubali 1 was produced, every one had the doubt over its acceptance as the story was different and not matching with present liking of audience. But the film proved to be bench mark and that paved way for Bahubali 2 and that was also International success. All this could be possible with good reviews and ratings .
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    Good thread, few years ago, there would a fixed number of stars whose movies would be good and didn't need reviews and those days we didn't have social media or trailers in public. One could read about reviews in papers. Now the movie industry has changed, budgets and box office collection running into crores are a frequent occurence. There are also many movies released and many movie multiplexes have to compete for their share of crowds. Sometimes release of movies of two big stars are avioded for the fear of diluting the income. Demonetization has made it's dent in the reveunes.
    So now there is lot at stake and the publicity is carefully orchestrated that the movie remains in the minds of people when it actually hits the screens, so reviews and ratings are an important part of crowd pulling measures.This is aimed at the public who are beyond the regular core fan base of each actor.
    Ipersonally do go by ratings, it's more of favourite actor and the word of mouth.

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    Yes definitely. reviews and ratings are needed before watching a movie. Because then we can decide which one is good to watch and which one is just a time pass for us. My view is most of the films today are just a sort of time pass, except some which are either brought up from history or is a biography or have been created as a documentary.
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