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    What was that one decision in your life that changed the table around for you?

    Have you faced any situation in your life where you had to take a decision in a split second but it changed your life forever?

    I have heard many people saying that many years ago I took this decision because of which I am here, had I not, I can't imagine where I could have been.

    That split second decision could have changed your life for better or for worse. If you had any such experience please do share and we would be encouraged and we will gain more insight by reading such experiences.
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    Yes. while I was in a job and wanted to quit, I tried to shift to another job which was a white collar job. I passed the bank recruitment board examination successfully and was called for an interview. When I left home and arrived at the bus stop, I questioned myself whether I should attend the interview or continue with the present job. Having confused, I took out a 25 paise coin to decide my future by a toss. Yes. the toss favoured me to continue my present job. I returned home. I continued my job, raised up and reached a high and satisfactory level. My decision to toss with a 25 paise coin turned my life.
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    Many times we take many decisions which may prove right sometimes but sometimes it may prove to be wrong. Some of these decisions and results may not affect our lives. But some may leave a lot of impression on our life. My father wanted me to go to B.Ed after my graduation. But I was very much interested to do my post graduation and doctorate. Then Somehow I convinced my father and joined in M.Sc. I was lucky I completed my doctorate with a CSIR fellowship. I joined in a job in Vizag and from there I shifted to Hindupur of Anantapur Dt. AP.
    I was the Plant In Charge and myself and Managing Partner was looking after the factory. One day we were discussing an issue and I proposed a method which more suits for the factory atmosphere but the M.P not accepted. On that moment I felt very disappointed and submitted my resignation within a few minutes. No job in hand. They requested me to continue for 3 months. I accepted and continued my search but I was very much worried. But I got a very good job in 2 months and that change has proved to be very good in my life.

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    Yes while deciding a sutaible course for me to do I wasn't aware of many things with the science background and had only two option in front either to choose Bsc( bachelor of science) with PCM or to choose BTech and I opted BTech and this has made all the difference in my life.
    I became an ambivert person from introvert, my stage fears reduced to much extent I was able to speak in front of many people all because of various extracurricular activities, tech fest , sports fest organised in the college they changed me a lot and student who opted for Bsc with me didn't get so many opportunities to do things that I did and neither they changed much but my college years bought many changes in me.

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