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    Suggest a name for my home.

    Dear fellow members,
    I have constructed a new house in my village. I wish to have a good name for it. Will my fellow ISCians suggest a good name in which Sun should be present? I wish to have a name suggestion from each active ISCian who knows the Sun of ISC.
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    SUN is there.
    SUNDAR means beautiful
    BHAVAN means building.
    2. SUN CASTLE.
    These are the three names coming to my mind.

    always confident

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    Here are my suggestions which may suit to you as sought:

    Sundara Bhawan
    Sun Nilayam
    Sun Rays
    Sun castle
    Sun Nest
    Sun Gharonda
    Sun Kutir

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    ISC 'SUN' is apt. Padmasun' If your wife name or liked name is Padmini or some sort of thing( assuming).
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    I recommend the name: 'SatSUNg Bhawan'. You see, 'SUN' is there. If you let me know your wife's name, I can attempt a better one which includes both.
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    I would suggest the below. Some might do not have 'SUN' in it but it will have something related to Sun in it.

    Sundar Mandir
    Surya Tejas
    Shyam Sundar

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    Also, congratulations on your new home. May Lord shower all his blessings on you and your family.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Congratulations Mr.SuN on your new home. Best Wishes. Most of the names have already being mentioned by our friends
    Sun Illam
    Aaditya Illam
    Aaditya Nivaasam
    Aaditya Aashrayam
    Sun's Abode
    Aaditya Kuteeram
    Let's see which name is chosen, what does your family say.

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    The house is in your village, naturally I expect the same is in a place where you have fruit bearing trees attracting different types of birds. Hence a suitable name can be something related to that atmosphere. ' Nest' , ' Birds' nest', 'Nature's abode', etc.
    Another option I would suggest is the name of your parental home. In my case I did saw when I constructed a new house at Kochi. We are identified from generations back by this traditional name.


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    You might choose name of your home on the basis of color of your home. Its good if you specify the religion you belongs so we suggest names which is related to your religion. Names are following: Mannat

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    Members, especially Himanshuchouhan,
    It is an independent small house facing East with a drawing room ,Main Hall, two Bed rooms, kitchen and bathroom. The colour of the drawing room is light blue .The colour of the Main hall is - Ivory. The colour of the Bed rooms is light blue. The colour of the kitchen is pink. The colour of the bathroom is Rose. The exterior colour of the wall is - Ink blue with yellow /cherry border. I think the colour of the house has nothing to do with the name of the house. I being a lover of the sea, I choose to have Blue as my colour .

    No life without Sun

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    Congratulations SuN for newly constructed home.
    Here are some names from my side-
    SuN's villa
    SuN's sweet home,
    SuNdar ghar,
    SuNny side

    All the best and pick a nice name for your villa.

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    Why should only your name be incorporated in the name for the house? Why not that of your wife too? It is not just a house of walls & a roof, but a home of which your better half too is part of, contributing to the happiness that is within. Surely you can include part of her name too or even name it wholly after her only.

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    Since you are a lover of the sea, then how about the name TSUNAMI. It depicts the sea and your shortened name. How about it?
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    To be very frank, sorry to say that my good lady is not a lady willing to have a house and live in a village. But I have determined to have a good house in my own village where I was born. My own village house was bad in shape with no amenities. Now I reconstructed with better look and facilities. And I would like to take off to heaven/hell from the same home where I was born. My name and my good lady's name matches by all means, but doesn't match to have a title for a home.

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    I like your proposal. TSUNAMI sounds good with SUN in it, but it is a negative word that cause destruction. If TSUNAMI is of positive and creative, I would have loved to have it. Thank you for your thoughtful thinking to get a name for my home. You can think of more such names.

    @My village is located just 7 kilometers from the sea shore. On 26.12.2004, Tsunami hit the shore near my area, and as a relief, the government has constructed housing colonies for the affected. They have been named as TSUNAMI colony. And naming my house as TSUNAMI won't be worth and meaningful.

    No life without Sun

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    It is all in the mind. Some people in Chennai named their children TSUNAMI.

    Your love for the sea should be able to make you appreciate everything that the sea has to offer. The good and the bad. Only then can you be a true lover of the sea. And the word meets the requirements you had presented. It came to my mind immediately, when I read about your love for the sea.

    If you look at the news about the present government's victories, you'll find the word tsunami plastered all over the media, in a good way. The word was given a positive connotation.

    Many colonies are named after it. It wouldn't have been appropriate if it was negative. But, government's thought it was fine.

    But, glad you liked my proposal. It's got all the ingredients -

    1. It associates with the sea
    2. It has your pseudonym
    3. It has Sun + Nam, meaning 'my name', the one that you are so proud of
    4. And it ends with an 'I' - another reminder of how great you are
    5. And it's a 7 letter word, which is generally lucky
    6. It also reads 'Sun Am I' (t SUN AM I)

    It is a beautiful play of words, encapsulated within one word - very meaningful, as I have explained above.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    VMT(Very Many Thanks) for your study, analysis and explanation that came like a Tsunami at ISC against my thread. Anything that is sudden with devastating effect is appreciated as Tsunami. The Tsunami from the sea is not permanent but temporary that exists for a short period and vanishes. But the Tsunami you talked about stays permanently forever and reminds the Tsunami that we had in 2004 after the Christmas day. I have physically witnessed the Tsunami effect in the Kanyakumari coast. I cannot keep Tsunami with me.

    Yet I salute you for the lovely explanation you gave about Tsunami (Sun-Am-I?). Yes. I am Sun forever.

    No life without Sun

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    Congratulations for your newly constructed sweet home!
    I sincerely appreciate your efforts/hard work/pain put forward to complete your project.
    Also, wishing you happiness and prosperity in your new home.
    We (forum members) would like to celebrate your happiness here. Tell us how to celebrate.

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    Congratulations for constructing a new house. My best wishes for your sweet stay in the new home.

    Regarding name for the house, I would suggest that let it be decided by you all , the members of the family. Only be sure that the name sounds positive, auspicious and pointing to prosperity and peace. Traditionally some names that conform t these are like Lakshmi Nivas, Aiswarya, Shubham, Sooryakripa,Sundaram,etc. You may also think of some modern names giving positive and prospering connotations like Santhosh Villa,Sowbhagya Sadan etc. Yu can also think f the local language versions for these and similar names.
    But it will be always better to take the suggestions of family members.

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    Juana, wonderful thought. The name suggested along with the explanation is amazing. I would never chose the name Tsunami for my house, but still I like the way you interpreted it.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    My family members are so broadminded that they asked me to consult the large ISC family in which I am a senior Platinum member. They all know that I am an addict to ISC. However, all the suggestions from my family members and ISC family members will be put together, studied, analyzed and selected.

    No life without Sun

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