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    Law enforcing persons posted on duty seen meddling with cell phones than safe guarding ?

    Since I happen to travel a lot inside the city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, invariably I notice that most of the law enforcing persons who are stationed at strategic points with guns and lathis and supposed to guard the place with vigil are often seen with meddling with their cell phones. The striking force, the elite teams are also no exception. Is that mean the law and order is no problem in our twin cities so that law enforcing persons are getting that free time to have access to social media all the time ?
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    These days it has become a common issue to all. To keep cell phone always in one hand and always meddling with it. Starting at 10 years person to 90 years person will do the same thing. This has become the order of the day. Only thing is they live with their mobile in their hands.
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    But what surprised me that the elite striking force being stationed at strategic points who are supposed to be alert are meddling with phones and thus they would miss the opportunity to strike at will.
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    It is really an unfortunate thing that the cellphone fever has gripped all the persons whether they are working in offices or shops or private institutions or vigil posts or traveling in train or bus.

    The epidemic has spread beyond the limit and presently there is no cure for that. We all are suffering due to it in one way or other.

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    It's sad that many people at work also do the same including floor assistants in the shops and malls that would put off customers from approaching them. But security forces must be much more careful as their job requirements are such that laxity and lack of attention is dangerous. If these are really elite security forces at sensitive installations, then their smart mobiles should be changed to a basic mobile phone.

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