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    Are you fond of fizzy drinks?

    Any supermarkets we visit, have various fizzy drinks nicely displayed which prompts us to take one especially when we are tired and thirsty. Actually these drinks do not help us to quench our thirst but still, we like having it for a relief. Also, we are aware of the health hazards these drinks can cause, still it is tempting at times. The manufactures put up ads which are even more tempting at times.

    What made me raise this thread is the incident that happened to one of my distant relatives. He who was working abroad had the habit of having fizzy drinks regularly due to the hot climate there. Now he is diagnosed with severe diabetes. He had to quit the job and is now settled in his home country. He is very young and it is sad to know that he got this disease at this young age and all because of his unhealthy eating habits.

    Are you fond of fizzy drinks? If yes, it is high time you have a control over it.
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    Yes, I agree with you, almost all of us are fans of such fizzy drinks like coke, Pepsi, Mirinda. They are good in taste but at the end they are destroying our health. These are all carbonated drinks. In order to enjoy their taste, we keep having it on very regular basis. A study read that such type of drinks also spoils our bones, making them weak.
    We should try and make habit of having healthy drinks or juices so that we can stay healthy.

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    One should not become addict to fizzy drinks. It is good to take once a while to quench our thirst. Diabetics can add little salt to these fizzy drinks to reduce the sugar effect. I always take Lemon-sugar-salt combination with fizzy soda.
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    It is scary to read if you see the large 1.5-liter bottles of the favorite aerated drinks, you wonder why is it so cheap, I think here, what's up and youtube has made a difference. Many videos show tiles being cleaned or dirty bathroom being cleaned with these aerated soft drinks and hence have a negative impact on the preference of the viewers. Every 100 ml has a good amount of sugar and other acids that are harmful to our body.

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    Yes when we enter in to a super market or that matter even a cine plaza, the fizzy drinks do attract us with their attractive packing element and displayed well at the entrance. Even if we want to avoid, our children wont allow us to leave without having it. I am totally against the cool drinks itself as it contains aerated water mixed with chemicals and thus harmful to health. What I understand from those who take the fizzy drinks , they are likely get the feeling of intoxicated and later addicted. How far it is true I do not know. But there seems to be some difference in taste and price when compared to the normal cool drinks. Nevertheless there is nothing better than our desi varieties like coconut water and Lassi during summer. Even butter milk is very good for health and does not have any side effect. In Hyderabad we have soda with gas added with lemon and that is further more better to keep us cool.
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    7 UP is a drink that is equated with Soda which helps to solve digestion problems. It has become a medicine to sort out stomach problems. My wife, whenever she has stomach disorder, commands me to fetch 7 UP.
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    I was addicted to Cola drinks, but not anymore. I had an order of preference – Thumbs Up, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I could finish a crate of coke, in less than a week. The drinks worked as a thirst quencher, headache and tummy upset potion and provided me with my daily dose of caffeine. I could consume any amount of aerated drinks and not be sick.

    So, severe was my 'addiction' that I could taste the drink and tell what it was that I was drinking. So, hoteliers could hardly fool me with a Pepsi, when I asked for a Thumbs Up or a Coca-Cola.

    Exactly, 21 years to this day, I had two bottles of Thumbs Up, lying in a critical condition, on the operating table, surrounded by doctors.

    Thankfully, I did not get diabetes nor did I have to deal with weight problems. I still have a cola drink, occasionally, especially when I am out running errands.

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    I never prefer these drinks. They are not good for health. Generally, my favourite drink is black tea without sugar. In
    a day I take one green tea and 3 black teas. No other drink I prefer. Sometimes in the morning, particularly on a holiday, I will have a cup of coffee after the breakfast. I have a soda maker in my house and a small gas cylinder. If we want have soda we will make in that machine and drink that soda. But very rarely. We prefer fruits than fruit juices and cool drinks. An apple or a santra or an orange we will consume daily as per the availability.

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    I read some where that the concentrate being supplied to coco cola and Pepsi are manufactured by Usama terrorist group company and when some one drink those cool drinks they are thus contributing one rupee towards terrorism.
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    Scary what Juana has mentioned. Excellent that you've been able to come out of this. Few months back there was a report of a young adult who died after have a large aerated drink, energy drink and a tall coffee in a short span and his heart stopped. Too much of caffeine too quickly can be dangerous.

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