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    Are we safe on the road?

    Even if we drive safely or cross the road safely there are chances of we being hurt or hit. The number of reckless young drivers are more. Today when I was crossing the road, I saw a young man driving rashly and he didn't even see that the red signal was on and was just driving through the pedestrian crossings. What if somebody without noticing it has crossed the road then?

    We might be in a hurry at times and might need to drive fast but we should make sure that the people around are safe. We do not have the right to play with others lives. While driving is not the time to show off as it can take not only your life but others as well. I wish if strict fines were imposed on reckless drivers.

    Can't just blame the drivers alone, certain pedestrians too are least bothered while crossing the road. Also, the two-wheelers on road are another issue. Anywhere and everywhere they are there and some of them ride as if the entire road is allocated for them. Are people least bothered about their lives?

    I feel we being careful also might not help at times. To ensure our safety awareness has to be done and also imposing of fines should be made without any consideration.
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    Do you know what happened yesterday? I was to cross a railway line at a station (Hoodi) near Bangalore. The station has no overhead bridge for the pedestrian to cross. I saw a train (Brindavan Express) approaching from the right and waited for the train to cross. Suddenly, I saw one old lady on my left with a box on her head trying to cross the rails without looking on the sides. I caught hold of her hand and stopped her. The train passed. The old lady relaxed and said in Tamil,"Kadavul mathiri ennai kaapparrineer(Oh! You saved me, my Lord). After knowing that she was a Tamilian lady, I advised her in Tamil to be very careful while crossing the railway tracks.

    While on roads, the vehicle drivers should exercise caution and move according to the traffic and pedestrians. While on tracks, the pedestrian should exercise caution and move carefully watching the fast approaching trains.

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    Overall in our country, the public is not having traffic rules awareness. This is causing problems not only to the carefree drivers but also careful people also. Even though you are on the correct path the other person in the wrong path will come and hit you. This is happening many times on the roads. The young drivers especially two-wheeler drivers think they are the pilots of flights and they will try to fly on the road. They are so careless what will happen to the opposite fellow is not known. Yesterday I was travelling in my car to my office. My driver is there. He is very cautious. He was taking a turn. He has given the correct signal and very slow. He is also giving the horn. But all of a sudden a bike came very fast. It was almost touched my vehicle. But fortunately, my driver applied the breaks and stopped the vehicle. The boy on the bike is an intermediate student and not having any driving licence. He has not eligible to get the licence because he has not attained the age for driving.No helmet. How the parents allowed him to go out without a licence
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    The roads have become the death trap for those who does not follow the traffic rules and they not only risk their own life but also put others life in peril. Yesterday only when my self and my relative were going in our car, we saw a speeding three wheeler share auto over taking us with loud honking and suddenly the on coming vehicle also picked up speed. Unable to control the vehicle the auto has to take sharp left cut and in that instance, the auto turned turtle in front of our eyes and luckily we could control our car or otherwise it would have ran over the auto passengers with speed.
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    We are never safe on many roads in our country, if the roads are pathetic, then there'a chance that the towo wheelers will skid or fall into a pothole, if the roads are excellent, then there's a chance that you will be hit by a speeding two wheeler or a 4 wheeler. In India we have a deadly mix of factors that make our roads unsafe. It includes totat disregard for human life, violation of traffic rules, poor roads and traffic junctions, blind end turns, congestion and speeding vehicles.
    Even if are a good driver, you have to watch out for people walking on the roads as there are no footpaths free for them, then you have to watch the left side carefully for the zooming RTZ that vanishes quickly,next comes the public and private buses that stops everywhere without any regard for other road users, if you escape this, then please watch out for the autos and cabs for whom there is no one-ways and u turns can be made with an anytime,anyplace policy. Then comes road rage and continuous honking, the list is endless, only we have to be extra-careful wherever we go.

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