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    How about having artificial intelligence in schools?

    How about having artificial intelligence in schools? What is your say in this? Will it be beneficial for the kids? I am not aware of the practicalities of implementing artificial intelligence in our schools but somehow I feel it will be beneficial for the kids.

    If the course needs any improvement, it can point out and accordingly actions can be taken.
    The role of teachers could be changed through artificial intelligence.
    It helps in changing the educational software according to the student needs.
    Grading and ranking system in schools can be automated.

    I agree that no artificial system will be able to replace a human teacher but having artificial intelligence in addition to the teacher would be an added advantage.
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    Yes, would be the answer, child need creativity, stimulation and tasks that attract their attention and helps in their growth.Many schools have computer time/class, experiment class, and science in a box program. It would increase their knowledge of robotics, mechanics of thinking and this would enable themselves develop their inventive side.
    I've seen many good projects at school exhibition like robotic arm, multitasking vehicles, remote-controlled toys. These may not be truly AI examples but are good starting points for children to build on. AI to change or replace a teacher is a long way off but at least AI related programs can help the teacher to teach better and students to learn better.

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    I feel it will give additional advantage to the children. These days children are active and they are much better in many aspects than the generations before them. They will catch the points very fast and they will understand the technology very easily. The teacher's job will become a little easy and comfortable. The kids these days are showing good creativity and trying to showcase their skills and abilities whenever a chance comes. This artificial intelligence implementation in the schools may be a little difficult and may require good efforts to implement. But definitely, that will help the kids in increasing their knowledge.
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    It will be very nice if artificial intelligence is being implemented at schools. Imagine a child is being given instructions on how to eat food without wasting it, by the human-robot. This will inculcate the right thought processes into the child's mind and also the right approach to handling multiple things. I feel it will serve as a boon.
    Children will become more independent and understanding.

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