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    PM Modi is cozy with AIADMK but also meets ailing Karunanidhi. Whats cooking ?

    When actor Kamala Hassan slated to announce his new party formation either today or tomorrow, the PM Modi visit to Chennai and having meeting with AIADMK leaders, and also visiting the ailing DMK supermo M Karunanidhi has political significance. For BJP it despartely wants to enter Tamil Nadu and has the compulsion to take the help of either AIADMK or DMK. But at the same time PM Modi must know that if Kamala Hasssan starts the new party with Communist parties cooperation, then the whole equation in TN politics may change. Any comment ?
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    Karunanidhi is a seasoned senior politician of Tamilnadu who is sick in quarters. Modi must have visited him on a good will to meet him and share his advice on Tamilnadu politics. BJP cannot have its foothold in Tamilnadu even if they try to stand updown. Kamalhasan's entry to politics will make no difference to DMK or AIADMK.
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    Tamilnadu is not a place for BJP. If Kamal starts his new party or joins hands with any of the existing parties, he may stand a chance in the coming elections. AIDMK is now without a head. All these days Sasikala is at the helm of affairs. Now she is in Jail. I don't think he can do anything good to any party. BJP is not having that much cadre in Tamil Nadu to make a mark. What is the game plan of Rajani Kanth we don't know? Kamalahassan says, Hindu terrorists. They why Hindus should vote for him. What Rajanikanth says.
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    Tamil Nadu politics is very fluid. The voters are great there. They decide whom to keep and whom to bring. Let the election process start , see the rush for the power.
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    TamilNadu has always been AIADMK or DMK for many years.Mr. Karunanidhi has been the CM on five occasions starting from 1969. So he is the patriach of DMK and TamilNadu poliical scence. Any leader visiting the state would be obliged to meet him, this time since he's sick and recently discharged after hospitalisation, it would be a courtesy call.
    Reading between the lines further on, since the demise of the earlier legendary Ms Jayalalitha of DMK and the two film giants ( Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth) expressing their desire to jump into politics, maybe BJP is smelling a chance to get a foothold in TamilNadu for now. Winning with absolute majority for Mr.Modi and team would be a distant dream in the presence of existing leaders in both the other parties including Mr.Stalin, the next heir in DMK.

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    Even courtesy calls have signals and meanings in party politics.
    The AIDMk is now fractured. A strong whiff from DMK can make the present ADMK government fall down . Stalin is now de facto leader of DMK. But Modi meeting Stalin will not appear proper protocol and seniority wise. But visiting an ailing senior politician and former Chef Minister is normal and does not affect ego. A subsequent return visit by Stalin can be justified as a courtesy call and for expressing thanks and gratitude for showing courtesy to his father. Bridges can then be built and political exchanges can take place conveniently.

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