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    Follow the unnoticed purpose of fancy dress competition

    Fancy dress is one of the competitions conducted for the kids of pre-primary and primary classes where the kids have to participate in an amusing costume. It was pure fun to watch the kids in colorful costumes representing a particular theme or an object or a famous person. The main purpose of fancy dress competition is to develop confidence and eliminate the stage fear in the minds of the children. It is a good opportunity for the kids to speak in front of a large audience.

    A few years back if fancy dress competition is conducted at the school premises, then for sure we can see the kids dressed up as a teacher, doctor, freedom fighter, bird, flower, little Krishna, fictional character, etc. But now, the parents of the current generation have broken the stereotypical costumes and have started to come up with creative ideas. Recently I attended a fancy dress competition and was amazed by the costumes of the kids. I saw kids dressed up as a waterdrop, junk food, traffic signal, smartphone, etc. Even the tiny tots in their cute voice expressed good social awareness message to the public. It was good to see the kids in creative costumes explaining awareness slogans. But do the parents teach their wards to follow the awareness messages which were conveyed in the fancy dress competition? I don't think so. Because certain scenes which I happened to see on the day of the fancy dress competition made me feel so. A kid who was dressed up as a junk food was the first prize winner of the competition, but once the competition was over that kid's parents took that kid to the nearby pizza corner to celebrate the victory. Immediately the slogan "Stop eating junk food. It is bad for health" said by the kid in his cute voice flashed my mind. I even saw the smartphone kid playing games on her father's mobile and the waterdrop kid's mother wasting water while washing her hands.

    I will not blame the kids for the mistakes done by the parents and teachers. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to teach good habits to the children. If the parents and teachers teach their children about all the valuable social awareness messages expressed in the fancy dress competition, then the kids will definitely try to be a responsible person by following that messages. Mold the kids by teaching good things and make them follow. It would be better if this hidden and unnoticed purpose of the fancy dress competition is followed effectively by the parents and teachers.
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    What we talk is different and what we do is different. Not only in fancy dress competitions but in real life also we are seeing many people like this. The doctors advise the public not to smoke as it is injurious to health. But he himself will go for a smoke in between the course of his duty in the hospital. A teacher says telling lies is bad and we should not tell lies. But when the requirement comes he will never hesitate to tell lies. When educated and aged people are doing in real life. how we can expect a child who is not aware of these things to follow what he preaches. An actor who portrayed the role of Harischandra will say many lies. Because he is not Harischandra in his real life. Similarly, that boy is also not a junk food in his real life. So he need not follow what he talked in an entertainment event. I think my logic is agreeable. The teachers and parents should teach all the students the healthy habits and their importance to all the students and children
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    People are looking for a change especially when it comes to ideas. Earlier fancy dress competition means you can see a doctor, a begger etc. Now the concept has changed and people are become more innovative with modern products like fast food, smartphone etc. It is actually good and also when it comes with a good slogan.

    The child who appeared as fast food might not be following the slogan he said but it is a success even if 1 person from the audience understood and took the slogan in the right way. Parents are dressing up kids just for the sake of the competition hence we can't expect more.

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    You are correct, the themes of fancy dress competition have changed, recently there was a what' up forward of a small child with bandages and arm in a sling and a caption on his T-shirt that said 'I argued with my wife'. These are innovative ideas and it gives an opportunity for the parents also to see their kids on the stage and enjoy their experience. To me if it conveys a message fine, if not we should just enjoy the experience. Most often the kids are playing the part that their parents want or choose and it does not need to be true always.

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    Fancy dress competitions held in schools for the small children do arose lots of interest in students and parents. Like what the author said, there is a shift in thinking line of parents when ever fancy dress competition are announced. The other day one boy was dressed with various vegetables dangling on his body with a placard, urging the government to control the ever increasing vegetable price. Likewise one boy dressed as petrol filler jet has asked the government not to increase the petrol price on daily basis. So all these new thinking also attract the management and judge would award price.
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