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    No recognition of minorities in eight States/UTs

    In India, Constitution clearly talks about protection of minorities, their educational instittutions, their culture, etc. Supreme Court, in a judgement, stated that minorities have to be judged State/UT-wise. All the States/UTs are expected to form Minorities Commission and benefits like scholarship, etc. are required to be provided to the minorities of States/UTs.

    Despite the Constitutional provision and judgement of the Supreme Court it has been found that no Minorities Commission has been functioning in eight States/UTs of India. Some of these States/UTs are: Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Lakshadwip. Consequently, it can be surmised that the minorities of these States/UTs are not getting the benefits as enshrined in the Constituion.

    Members! Kindly furnish your valuable opinion on this issue. Should the minorities of these States/UTs remain deprived of their legitimate benefits?
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    When the states like Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Lakshadwip and some UT's are not having Minority commission established and the rights of Minorities are not safe guarded, it is the express duty of National Minority commission to help them out and give the necessary guidance and support of getting all the benefits extended to the minorities of unrepresented states and UT's. The local MLA and MP also be made the request to identify the beneficiaries and pass on the same to them. But in India the real beneficiaries wont get any benefit be it minority or other community.
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    Who are the minorities in these states ( what caste do they belong), what is the cut off for minorities, is the minority benefit allocation siphoned off to some other programs in these states/union territories. Once we get some answers, then we can think what to do next

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    This is a very surprising. Why these states are not following Supreme Court order and how they are not obeying constitutional Provision. I think if it is true, the people from these states are taken away from the benefits what they should get. They can go to court and get the ruling adopted in all these states. As mentioned by Mohan the National Minorities Commission should take up the issue with concerned State governments and see that justice is done to the minorities in those places. If the State governments are not ready to hear them, they may take the help of Courts.
    Otherwise, all other states can also stop these privileges to minorities in their state so that all will have the same position throughout the country. But the vote politics will never do that. So the only option is to get the benefits implemented uniformly in all states and union territories.

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    #614553: They are religious minorities in the respective States/UTs. There is no caste consideration. The minorities of these States/UTs are not getting any benefit.
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    If there are minorities in these states and still no benefits given, it is very surprising that neither they have voiced it (please correct me if they have protested) or the government has not given them their dues. It's a glaring surprise that I feel there is more to this issue that it meets the eye!

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