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    When feelings get hurt

    There may be many a situation in life when we have to take control of our emotions and cool down our anger invariably.Such a situation may arise in front of family members or even young kids hence forcing us to not react immediately.
    Sometimes we may also feel very hurt but will be unable to convey our emotions to the person hurting us. What do we do in such situations?
    Do we let go of the situation and back off or do we confront such a person later on?How do we deal with such people in our everyday life?
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    It's always wise not to speak in anger or while you are very emotional, words spoken during such times are always regretted later on as they are never meant. Don't let emotions speak for you, instead, let your anger cool, sometimes situations don't even demand you to speak for it it will cool off and the offenders will realize their folly. At times you can even speak to them directly of how their actions or words were inappropriate and hurting. Give them a chance to explain their behavior as well.

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    When we feel emotionally and when we get hurt we will recent in a different manner and it may hurt the other fellow and unnecessarily confrontation will take place. This is not advisable. When you are emotional and angry your tongue will not be in control and your actions also will not be under control. Hence it is better to maintain cool and silence those times. As time goes the emotions of both the parties will come down and everybody will start thinking properly. Then both the parties can meet and have a discussion on the same issue in a logical way and properly and can take an apt decision. During these discussions, the other party also receive our representation patiently and we will also hear him properly. That will give a better experience to both the parties instead of a bitter experience.
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    Only few days back I raised a post that we must pack our anger at home and carry peace with us when we go out. That answer suits here. People who know us, people who does not know us are also interested to pass rave comments just to insult us in front of others and thus get some sort of solace that they cornered some one today. There are some people who wont have guts to say directly to us and chide in group. That means we may take that abuse as offended and wash off. But that is bad trend , as some time one will revolt and also makes us responsible for not supporting his cause.

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    I think it depends on each situation. Sometimes when I am hurt, I am able to answer back which gives me bit pleasure that at least I could do that much. But at times I might be hurt worse that I will be emotionally down and it might take few minutes for me to digest it. In such cases I will not answer back but will share my feelings with my close ones so that my pain gets reduced. Later on I will let go as the intensity I felt initially will not be there any more.
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    Its the worst moment, when people hurt us with their words. There are some cases when there is no fault of ours, and even then we have to hear. It is really tough to control anger, but that would be the best thing, we can do. Anger makes us do foolish things and we sometimes take up the wrong decisions, which we cannot revert back. Whenever you get angry, just have some cold water and leave the matter there.
    Make a fist of your hands and leave the things for the time being. Have a normal discussion with that person, later on, to sort out the matter normally.

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