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    Do not run after politicians. Give authentic news. PM asks media to refine !

    While addressing the gathering at Chennai on the occasion of completion of 75 years by Dhina Thanthi News paper, the PM has called upon the media not to run after the politicians and fill only political news in their front page, instead they should report authentic news of much importance and exalted the media to refine themselves. I think he made a strong statement against the media. Most of the media are taking sides with politicians and thus their reporting is one side and other side reaction is ignored. Any comment ?
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    All political parties are having affiliations to some print media and electronic media. So those newspapers and TV Channels are supporting that party only. In Andhra Pradesh(Combined) when NT Rama Rao started a new party and started the campaign against Congress Eenadu gave him full support and coverage. But now that paper has become neutral. In Telangana, there is a newspaper maintained by a close relation of CM, KCR, and that paper completely supports KCR only. This is the policy of the political leaders only. What can the Journalists do?
    Another problem with our news channels and newspapers is all negative news will be given highest priority and will appear in bold letters. But the positive news will be somewhere in the corner. This attitude has to change.To get high TRP ratings for Channels and to have good circulation to the paper they write and telecast all imaginary issues and news with a small question mark at the end. This type of attitude is to be changed.

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    I think this should have been said a few years ago. The fourth estate that has so much of influence on the readers of the society should be fair, honest and should uphold justice, instead, the current scenario is such that they lean towards certain parties and hence whatever said has a bias attached to it. The embarrassing escapades of some people in politics garner more media attention than the good work done by their counterparts in serving the people.

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    Medias favoring each political party will speak for them. They will not speak about the other side of the story. One thing I agree is the channels are filled with political news.Hardly any importance is given to other news. There are many other news which needs public awareness, but no media has time for it as they are running behind masala news.
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    Yes it has become a trend in big media channels that they picks a person mostly politicians and then shows so many stories about that person and these stories run on these news channnels for hours and hours.
    This kind of practices saves money for the media houses as they don't have to invest much money on travel of journalist of to various far away places where there is any news story instead they simply pick a politician, actor, baba and many other controversial figures and then keep showing news around their lifestory this kind of thing not only influneces thinking of common public but also waste lot of thier precious time ans sometime their are so many rumors and false factors in these back stories of famous actors,politicians and baba e.t,c
    Such practices needs to be stopped and audience gets authentic news this is only possible when the reporters and journlist covers every small or big story around the world, this will not only give them more matter to telecast but also help in enhancing their creativity by presenting various kinds of news instead of same repetitive news stories.

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