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    Quantity is better than Quality-New Mantra?

    We were taught that quality is always better than quantity but in today's world, everything is the opposite. More the number of students in a class, happier is the management; more the number of deliveries done by the courier, the more he gets paid; more the number of units sold by the salesman, more is the incentive he gets.
    The more you work and the more you clear your files, happier the supervisor is; as a consumer, the more the discount, more the serving and more the freebies, the more we shop and happier we are. The more profits they get, the more happier the MNCs are.

    Has quality lost its value or is quality undervalued knowingly in a materialistic world?
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    True, I agree with the author. Quantity is counted more these days than quality. The best example for this is people going behind offers. Some are just looking at the quantity they get at a certain price. They are ready to sacrifice on the quality I feel.
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    Although in most of the cases quantity is preferred, but even today, quality is acknowledged. But from my experience in office, I must say, quality at the cost of time is not preferred. A proper balance between quality and quantity is always preferred.
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    Quantity compromised over quality will never last long, the results would be disastrous if not now at least in the long run. But if the quality is maintained along with the quantity then it's alright.

    It is rightly observed by the author about the number of students in the classroom, in a classroom. More than 30 students in a class should never be encouraged or taught. It should be divided into sections, as otherwise it will affect the quality of education delivered and grasped by the students. This stands true in case of tuition as well as schools.

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    For the successful running of the business both quality and quality are important. We should give preference to both. Quality is not at the cost of quantity at the same time quantity at the cost of quality is also not preferred. So if you want a quality product with required numbers within the specified time period we should have a system in place. If the system is standardised and the same systems are followed you will have the required quantity within the timeframe with quality. But the quality is to be defined properly. A pen made of Gold may be very good. It looks very nice. But if the nib is not good, what will you do with the pen. What I mean to say is quality is to be specific for the purpose. The quality of the product depends on the value you pay for it. By paying a price equivalent to a Maruthi 800, you can't expect the quality of a Benz car.
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    Never quality can be under estimated and quantity give preference. During the weekly vegetable bazar , the vendor used to sell the vegetables at the peak rate and the quality is also good. As the time gathers to shut the business and still some vegetable is there to be sold. Now the vendor comes down on rate and also offers extra quantity. Why because he cannot take the perishables to the home and that would turn rotten.. As he already earned profit during morning and afternoon session, he wont mind selling even at lesser price than expected. And here the quality and the quantity does not matter.
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    I also agree with you. This is happening in the majority and almost everywhere and every point. In terms of profits, the management or business will remain in the favor of quantity now. The mindset is transforming completely. Quality is being compromised in all this.
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    The items you summarized in this thread are of quantity and nothing is related to quality. If the doctor is of good quality, the patients rush to him in large quantity. If a film is of good quality, fans rush to the theatre in large quantity. If the courier service is of quality service, the courier service boy gets a good quantity of mails to deliver. I can add on like this. Quantity is much related to the quality and it still exists. I do not think it as a new mantra.

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    I completely agree with Ms. Neethu in saying, "Quantity compromised over quality will never last long."
    The examples mentioned in the thread are true but with the condition of maintaining quality. If a sales man sales good number of products but of bad quality or does not provide proper application support, he will not be able to maintain his target for longer.
    Same is applicable in most of the cases like in offices, courier services, etc.
    Quality should be always at first preference if one is willing to progress.


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    Nice thoughts, there is a trend to focus on quantity more often but quality also needs to be maintained in the long run. Wonderful words Mr.SuN, where there is quality, quantity follows it.

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