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    What motivates us to sleep?

    Is there any particular reason for us to sleep? Share here your views on the possible motivating factors that induces us to sleep.

    We humans, know that we on earth for a finite period, our arrival is announced ahead but our end is not known. Yet in this precious life, an average man spends 1/3 of his or her lifetime sleeping.

    Logically, when our days are fixed on earth, why waste a third of it in sleep. What makes us sleep?
    Why do we sleep sometimes peacefully, sometimes tossing in the bed or sometimes to escape from reality?

    Interested to know some individuals views.
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    Sleep doesn't require any motivation. Physical and mental tiredness induces sleep. Sometime sleep is a matter of habit also. So far as I am concerned, I don't need any motivation/incentive to sleep. I am feeling sleepy now and so I am bidding Good-Night to all.
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    I don't need any sort of motivation, by just seeing my bed after a long days work makes me sleep. I think the tiredness makes me sleep. At times after having biryani, I feel sleepy, then it because of the ingredients in it.

    At times I find it hard to get sleep and will be awake in bed thinking of many things. I hate it when I get unwanted thoughts which keep me awake and ruin my peaceful sleep. But later, I do not know when, but I will fall asleep.

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    You need motivation to get up. Not to sleep.
    Well there are several reasons why a person might sleep more:
    1- weak metabolism. With a weak digestion and low energy it becomes impossible to stay up for long.
    2- loneliness. In order to escape chronic depression and pain, hurting people sleep a lot more than healthy ones.
    3- pain. In order to kill the pain or divert it, body sends us to a sleep like situation.
    4- irregularities in sleep.
    5- narcolepsy.

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    I think feeling really tired starts to make vision blurry and I feel like sleeping so I can call this tiredness as one of the motivational factor for my sleep. Otherwise when I began to think about any other motivational things my sleepiness and drowsiness began to fade away and replaced with tension of future and lot of such similar thoughts about things going in my life.
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    What I opine that sleeping is one of the finest enjoyment a person go through his life daily and if you ask to forgo anything in life, one may list out many things but not the sleep. Sleep is the must for the individual who works the whole day either physically or mentally. Our body needs total rest for at least 6 to 8 hours so that next day it becomes active and go getting. Those who work hard they get the sleep automatically and sound sleep is assured. Those who think too much about themselves and others, wont get the sleep. And by the way there cannot be any motivation to sleep. Sleep should come naturally to a person. If a person can sleep within five minutes of lying on the bed, his all body system are working well and no disease. Like wise if a person wakes up early in the morning and starts his duties, he is considered the fittest person in the world even without exercise.

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    In simple, Sleeping is a routine affair. It is nothing but resting. Work (Be awake)for 2/3 and rest(sleep) for 1/3.
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    If we want to work without sleeping all the 24 hours of the day as our life is short and thinking that why should we lose about 33.3% in sleeping? Then after 2 or 3 days, you may not be able to either think or work. All of us requires rest of our body as well as our brain. Our brain will be always working and it will not be without any thinking for hours if you are awake. So brain will be under strain and body will also become weak. Then rest to both body and brain is required. So we should have sufficient sleep. After sleeping once we get up our mind will be fresh and work like mercury. I think this is the reason our parents used to ask us to get up 4.30 Am in the morning and study for an hour or so. I am fond of sleep. I don't require any special preparation for sleeping. Just get on to the bed, I will get sleep. My wife always complains that she will not get sleep so fast but I sleep immediately.
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    To a normal body 8 hours sleep is needed that is 1/3 of the day. Sick people and small children can sleep more. But normal agent of sleeping is peaceful mind. Other indirect agents are tiredness, frustration. In some cases speech of some persons make sleepy in others. The indicator of sleepy is yawning. If normal sleep is not found in one his health will get spoiled and thereby he become sick. My grandfather's simple suggestion to bring g sleep easily is 1)counting numbers 1,2,3.... 2)chanting the names of interested God repeatedly.

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    Sleep is needed to relax oneself. If there would have been no nights, we could really have not thought about sleep. Sleep is required to relieve ourselves of tensions, to calm down our brains so that the next day we wake up, we again have the amazing river of thoughts in our minds. So that we can again open up a book of opportunities for growth. Sleep is very important to live healthy and happy.
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    some good points here, sleep needs no motivation, should come naturally, thinking too much, unwanted thoughts hinder a good night's sleep.

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    The evolution of human life on Earth is synchronized with the day and night pattern provided by the nature. The absence of light in the night forced the primitive men to restrict their activities and confine to their dwellings.

    The day was full of light and was having ample opportunities for hunting and other activities.

    So the sleep pattern is already embedded in our genetic configuration. We can modify it only to some extent.

    Still there are some factors which govern it. If a person is in utter disturbance and agony his sleep pattern will be changed. A tired person will catch sleep earlier than a person who has not exerted physically.

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    Well said.
    Earth's rotation on its axis causes humans to move from a waking state to sleeping state and back again every 24 hours. Our bodies have adapted to this rotation. This celestial motion have profound influence on life and consciousness.

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