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    The things which I hate and do not like. Read this and append your hate list too.

    We are all having our own principles and way of leading our lives and do not compromise on certain things and want everything to happen to our wish and expectations. In this regard following are the things which I hate and do not like :
    1. Auto not giving way to two wheeler and obstructing traffic.
    2. When I sit for eating, the serving should be immediate and not with interruptions of talking.
    3. I hate the tailor who does not keep the promise of giving stitched dress in time.
    4. I hate those who peep at the news paper I am reading and wants to grab middle page.
    5. And I hate those who interrupt with their version when I am talking with my friend.

    List out your hate and do not like list here.
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    I am a very moody person. I don't like many things. Even sometime I don't like tone of conversation of a particular person. But I permanently don't like grating/scratching/pulling noise. I can't stand these types of noises-why I don't know.
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    There are many things or acts which we do not like. We do not like other persons doing certain things but we do not feel anything wrong when we do the same thing. This is human nature. Traffic is one thing where we do not like others breaking the rules but we do the same.
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    It is our inherent nature to like something or hate something. Everyone will have their own lists for such things.

    I hate friends or relatives who unnecessarily pull ones leg for fun. They do not have anything constructive to talk.
    I also hate those who do not work, are indisciplined and do not keep their surroundings clean.

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    I won't use the word hate because hate would consume me. I don't like certain things and here is my list –

    1. Liars – I don't lie (never consciously) and don't like lies because it is so easy to determine when someone is lying. It gets worse when they tell more lies, to cover up their previous lies
    2. Artificiality – Some people try to portray themselves to be something that they are not. They build this whole façade of superiority, which comes crumbling down sooner or later
    3. Toxicity – People who create divides based on religion and region and caste and colour and job profile and financial status - I find such people toxic and do not like associating with them
    4. Gossip – I never talk about other people, and never behind their back. I don't like conversations that discuss people or their negative traits
    5. Judgemental & prejudiced – Anyone who judges others or is prejudiced against others is not someone I would be comfortable with
    6. Dogmatic – I don't like smart-aleck's who don't admit they are wrong, even when they obviously are
    7. Untidiness – I like clean surroundings – a filthy kitchen, dust on the furniture, stuff strewn around puts me off
    8. Lack of civic sense – People not standing in a queue and pushing their way, talking loudly (especially over the phone) without concern for others around, littering and lacking other social responsibilities annoy me

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    I love everything and hate nothing. I too don't like to use the word hate. I have the patience and tolerance to accept or bear or adjust with anything that is not liked by me. My relatives and friends say 'Sun is a person with patience and tolerance."
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    Mohan Sir, practical thread, there are many things which annoys us, makes us feel angry, lose our calm demeanor and sometimes hate.I have had the chance to read some books on life skills. There is a very nice book called as 'Who will cry when you die'.
    There's a statement that has made me think a lot - ' I cried out loud that I had no shoes until I was a man who had no feet'. The human mind dwells on these small annoying things and some humans never change. But we can ignore these as the things (we don't like or for no fault of ours we face difficulties) that creates a lot of negative energy, we lose our clam joyful mood and it perhaps disturbs us for a few hours and when you look back, the incident was not worth the trouble. There are far more serious things that people endure and life may has some in store for us. There are many such events on my list especially by people around me, I laugh within myself and say a silent prayer. God why did you create such people whom I don't want to meet even in a month of Sundays.

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    It is really a good question. Generally, we should not hate anyone. We may like or may not like, but hate is a very big word which a very negative meaning. We don't have any right to hate somebody. If he is not behaving in the way you like, you should not hate him. He may have his own explanation for his action. For example, when you are eating, your granddaughter may start weeping. You daughter because it is new to her, may not be able to make the baby calm. Then your wife who is serving the food may have to attend that and there may be some interruption or delay. In such case, if you say I hate this, you will be at fault. What I want to make a point here is in this world many things may be happening which are not to your liking. You ignore and forget them but you can't hate them. Even though you are the sufferer you may have to tolerate certain things. This is my feeling and way of understanding the things. We have to inculcate the habit of tolerating our dislikes also sometimes.
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    I hate the urchins seeking alms at the cross roads though they are fit enough to work and earn.
    K Mohan
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