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    Have you ever had a fall from your own bed or from the train berth ?

    Recently when I had been to Chennai for urgent work, I was going through my cell phone details and suddenly a big thud sound alerted every one. A middle aged person sleeping on the side lower berth has fallen down. This prompted me to raise this thread. Normally people are habituated to sleep in big bed at the home and there are scopes to change the sides while sleeping. But train births are small and one has to adjust and sleep in same position till the end. Even at the home I heard some people fallen from the bed. Do you have such experience or heard about some who have fallen from the bed while in deep sleep ?
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    No, I have never fallen from the upper berth or middle berth of a train, but I have seen young children of about 7-8 years of age falling from upper berth during violent jerking of the train. I have also seen children or unfit people (ladies in particular) falling down while trying to go to the upper berth of the train.
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    Mohan, correct birth as the berth.
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    Thanks KVRR for pointing our the mistake. The necessary corrections has been made.
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    I never had any occasion to fall from the bed or berth. But once I fell inside the bathroom and kicked a bucket. The bathroom was slippery and I fell while applying soap. I fell flat and my leg kicked a bucket which was old and weak. The bucket broke into pieces.

    @Kicking a bucket means a different thing. But I physically kicked a bucket and survived with a minor injury.

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    I've not fallen from the train berth but have fell from the bed. Some people sleep so peacefully in the trains, that I'm surprised, may be they are regular travelers or the rhythmic train sounds helps them. I travel occasionally/rarely in nigh trains and its difficult to sleep soundly for me.

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    Unfortunately I have never got a chance to travel in a train, hence falling from the berth is not applicable to me. From the bed, I have not actually fell down but in my dreams couple of times I was about to fall down from my bed, when suddenly I will wake up from my bed. Once when me and my sister was sleeping, I have kicked her unknowingly and she fell from the bed. Nicely I got from my mum that day.
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    I never experienced the falling from train berth. But I had the experience of falling from bed. But it was not while sleeping. But during the daytime. I got married on 10th May 1985. In the month of January 1986 for Pongal, my in-laws invited our family to the festival. Myself. my parents and two of my brothers were gone for the festival. After having lunch, myself and my brothers were sitting on a cot. My wife was sitting in a chair and we were talking. Meanwhile, my co con in law came and sat on the cot. That's it. The cot was broken and we all fell down. Luckily no problem to any of us. I always jokingly say to my wife that you have given us an old cot to sit and made us fall down. She also replies saying that you people spoiled our cot and these days getting such a cot is difficult. That is my experience. I like to thank Mohan for raising this thread which made me remember my good old memories.
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    I haven't fallen from berth of the train but I have fallen from my bed while sleeping at home and it's always funny for my cousins and brother to tease me about how I fall while sleeping but sometimes we are so tired, sleepy and drowsy that we are completely unconscious in a dream world.
    It may have been a funny situation for all other passenger and embarrassing situation for the person falling.

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    No, I have never ever fallen off my bed or from a berth on a train. Nor have I seen anyone take a toss.
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