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    Persuading the people without them realizing it.

    I was reading an article where a trick was established to persuade people around you for certain proposal you think they would disagree. The trick is that at first, you tend to agree with them at a certain point, maybe with a half-hearted agreement and then put forward your point to convince them on the matter. And when you think you that something is going to your side then you do agree with them enthusiastically and try to establish your idea and they would accept it thinking it as their idea.
    We all have done such manipulation at some point of time to make the people agree around. Whether to go to the party or to watch a certain program on television, we apply such tricks. If you have done such trick to success then do share your instances.
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    I know of one certain thing. Imagine this scene.
    You're holding a very very heavy object on your own and walking. Don't you think at least a couple of onlookers will come to help you?
    In the similar manner work in such a way where your confidence and passion overflows.
    When people see someone working with passion, it becomes irresistible for them to disagree.
    That's persuasion even without saying a word.
    If your communication skills are good, confuse them instead of convincing them by handing them an immense amount an information.
    Or questioning might work equally well.
    When you question, there's a sense of anxiety in the answerer.
    This anxiety is the opening. Charge into it and persuade them.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    All these theories and articles are good to read. But when it comes to reality the words or proposals made by a man in position will always go smoothly without any problem. The higher the position you hold easier to put forward your theory. If you are working in a company and if your boss comes with a proposal which is not acceptable to you because of the demerits involved in that, you can't say no to him. Because he is the boss. He will talk without any sense and make you silent. Here comes his position. But afterwards, if his argument fails he will say taht you have not implemented what I said correctly that's why my method has not worked here. again the blame is for you only. So what I learned from my experience is don't argue with your boss. Make a note of what he told and make a document for implementation and get his approval on the paper. Don't put any of your ideas into the work. Finally, the procedure may go waste. But you are not at fault. You will be to the advantage. We have to execute his plan and prove it is wrong. This is the best way always with the boss.
    always confident

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    In marketing there is a phrase called " Convince the people or confuse them". The same applies to this post too. Marketing people are well versed to bring you to their fold and up sell the product. Though you may be reluctant to even talk to him and slowly he shall try his best to convert your negative thoughts to positive one and thus without your knowledge you tend to lend more ears to him and that is the point where you turn to his fold. Now the striking deal would be made and better offer is given to you and you are floored to accept the same. This is happening at one place or the other.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Persuading the people without making them realize it, is a kind of art. It is hard to manipulate people's thoughts. Only those people who deal with them on regular basis will be able to do so. As Mohan sir has pointed out, be it marketing or selling any product, that tells how you are manipulating the thoughts of your customer to buy your product.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    These are scenarios wherein the play of words and timing plays an important role. As Mohan sir has mentioned, You can see this when you facing an excellent door to door salesman or woman who is persistent and very polite and difficult to get rid of. Many people who are good at giving a sales pitch, line up 3-4 questions for which the answer that knows would be yes and then quietly slip in their simple question or request, the opposite person is bound to say yes. You can try this with your friend or family members.
    For example, Today is Wednesday isn't it? yes, it's very sunny isn't it? yes, a lovely weather for a stroll in the park isn't it? yes, a good time to have a cool juice isn't it? go on like this of 5-6 questions for which the answer would be yes always and then slip in a trick one, you are dumb aren't you? you'll often get an answer as yes.

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    One of the sales man entered a house and the reluctant house wife was not ready to allow him to convince or converse over the product. But he told one statement to which she has to bow. He said " how long you will push the decision making process to your husband. You are the house wife and real decision maker of this house, and being a loving wife, I bet your husband wont mind your deciding to buy this product without his notice or permission ". Now this kind of talking from sales man would touch the house hold which affects her prestige and ego and thus she obliges to listen and purchase the product.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Persuasion is an art. Whether it is home or work place it requires skills to pursue people. Most of the people have tendency to oppose and argue and even propose some impractical and illogical thing against your pursuation. They are the tough nuts to crack.

    If you are holding a position of command and power pursuation becomes easier. In fact then it becomes an order rather then pursuation.

    In simple situation when all are equal it can be done through cordial and respectful ways and if not in all times in some cases one can get success.

    Knowledge is power.

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