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    Delhi is a gas chamber: Arvind Kejriwal, CM of Delhi.

    We all discussed the cracker ban recently. NOw, the air quality of Delhi is beyond polluted levels that the papers have reported closure of schools.Out door activities and marathon races are being stopped. In some places RK puram apparently the air quality index showed 999 and then stopped because ther is no numbers beyond it.The normal air quality index is said to be around 150.
    At least, the CM has had the moral courage to accept that things are bad. Hope we can learn and ensure measures on a national scale because it more or less affects all the metros.

    How do we citizens in each city we live in, force the Government literally to take measures at all levels to help all of us. How do we get all the political parties and celebrities to help us. I was impressed with the way the One rank, One pension issue was highlighted with dignity by the servicemen who were persistent and brought the Government to stand still.
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    Kejriwal is doing all that he can in case of pollution. But his measures,though effective on paper, aren't showing any improvement.
    If the present situation continues, either a migration of citizens or evacuation of the capital might happen. This 'smog' , which is causing these problems is only prevalent in winters. Implementing a ban or other measures for a season is rather easier.
    I don't see any logical solution to the problem at this point because the pollution is way out of reach.

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    This is a shocking count, recently I read an article where a couple of people went to coal factory to breathe fresh air as it was much better than the place where they lived in Delhi. Few people went against the ban to burst the crackers. Little did they know that they are poisoning the air that they were breathing.

    Instead of government/court initiating bans, if individuals can take conscious efforts may be the pollutions level might come down or is it already too late to take any action?

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    It is not correct to expect everything from Government. As a responsible citizen of the country, what is my role in keeping the environment clean? What are our actions which are creating a problem to nature? if all think of these lines and start helping to maintain the good environment and clean surroundings. Many business people spend a lot of money on establishing the manufacturing site and do all required for producing the item. But when it comes to Environmental protection and effluent treatment, they put a back step to invest. They think it is unproductive. But the same people get on to the dais to say that environment is to be protected. The surrounding people also keep quiet because some their wards or relatives will be working in that establishment. If any problem is created they may lose their job. Here actually the role of inspectors and officers from the Government agencies, like Environmental pollution control Board will come. They are supposed to see that no industry will leave untreated effluent out. But they will not see anything with their self-motives. Unless there is a change in their attitude and approach this problem will persist.
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    The main reason for much pollution in Delhi not because of vehicle pollution or what so ever. In fact our National capital was compressed by other states and cities and there is no escape from toxic pollution coming out of Industrial pipes abetting the capital. Though vehicles have been pulled out , alternate day travel by car has been introduced, crackers busting has been banned this time, nothing could be achieved. Over and above the morning thick fog is not allowing the air pollutions to settle down and thus government has asked the Delhi people to shun even morning walking and jogging.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with Aditya, pollution in Delhi has already reached a very high level. It can only be stopped more if the people stop using their vehicles. That could somewhat make the situation better. Some of my colleagues who travel from Delhi, they told that whenever the bikes or cars stop on the traffic signal even for a minute, it feels like as if their throat is getting choked with the polluted air and as if somebody is throwing the factory released smoke into their noses. It gets very difficult to breathe even. People are wearing masks to protect themselves from the polluted air.
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    Since yesterday, there has been fog in Delhi. But the cause of this fog will be known later. Please don't believe the rumour being spread by some news channels.
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    burning the stubble in the fields around Delhi, vehicle exhaust, industrial exhaust and the cold weather all contribute to this toxic levels of pollution. hope the government of Delhi come up with an effective plan so that other cities can follow it.

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    Now it is crystal-clear that the smog in Delhi has been primarily caused by stubble-burning by farmers of Haryana and Punjab. There are some other facts involved (sand-storm in Kuwait, etc.).

    Thank God! Those great people have stopped (albeit temporarily) blaming Diwali for the pollution in Delhi.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    New Delhi's 20 million people are living in Gas chamber!
    The deadliest 'tiny particulate matter' called PM 2.5 which lodges deep into a person's lungs was 495 on last Monday. It soared to 721 on last Sunday. The WHO guidelines suggest the level above 300 is 'Hazardous'-The data released by US embassy monitor
    So Avoid/restrict travel to New Delhi.

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