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    What is your favourite part of travel?

    Many of you like travelling, be it a short trip or a long vacation. Is there any one specific part of travel that you just love? Perhaps you like the journey itself, whether by plane or train or car or ship. Maybe it is the food you feast on or the people you meet along the way. There are those who like visiting heritage structures, be it a home or a monument, or visiting local museums. There are others who love exploring the area through nature treks or enjoy adventure sports on a trip.

    Let's share what we love about travel - just that one aspect that we thoroughly enjoy on every trip, no matter where the destination is.
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    The Window Seat and the breeze that brushes through my face is my favorite part about traveling. I can just travel in any vehicle, provided I have the window seat and some music to enjoy, it feels heavenly.

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    I haven't yet traveled with a flight but in a train, car or bus I like to sit on the window seat and like to watch the areas which are very quiet and less populated where there is natural beauty. I keep watching all those passing by trees, fields with my earphones and sad music. And if my friends and family are with me the whole journey is around playing games on the way, teasing each other, singing songs and laughing out loud. Whichever way I just like to travel while sitting on the window seat and any other seat make the whole journey uncomfortable for me.
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    The part I love the most on setting out for any journey is the roadside Dhaba food and any books which I may read while glancing at the beautiful scenery. Not to mention getting down in the midst of a field and stretching out after sitting for a long time.It just feels so relaxing.
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    I enjoy travelling with my family. I have toured many places in India. Last year I had been to Kerala with my wife, brother's family and sister's family. We have seen some good places during that trip. The state of Kerala is a very good place to enjoy. A very nice greenery with coconut trees and many other trees. So many canals on the roadside. I felt very happy during that trip. We were in Cochin. Last year one of my brothers was staying there. My wife and myself travelled to Cochin by flight. My another brother and one of the sister's with their families came to Cochin from Bengaluru. We hired a 13 seater van and travelled to some good places in Kerala. We visited Padmanabha Swamy temple at Thiruvananthapuram, Guruvayiur temple, Munnar, Kaladi, Kanya Kumari and some other places around Cochin. Munnar is a very beautiful place with many tea gardens and herbal plants used for medicines. We spent two days there and we love staying there. But we can't spare more time because of the other places to be seen. A trip which I remember for ever.
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    I enjoy my travel or journey only with my good old Padmini. She never betrayed or ditched me during any journey. She never created any problem during the journey. No journey is a joyful journey without my Padmini who has turned 44 now.
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    I really like traveling and does not want to sit at home even on Sundays. For me traveling inside the city is also a wonderful experience. At each place there are famous food joints, best movie theaters and above all many places to visit and enjoy. While traveling to other cities too I prefer going by train and that too in the sleeper class so that we can mingle and make friendship with the co-passengers. While going by plane or bus there may not be chance to make friendship with others. In buses we find video running as soon as we get in and this passengers wont talk to each other.
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    I love the very feeling of the steering wheel in my hands while going on a journey outside the city. It gives me power and pleasure. It is a great feeling to leave behind miles and miles of road as one travels. I enjoy my driving whether it is a good stretch or bad stretch.

    I like to visit temples, structures of architectural importance and places with abundant natural beauty. The food on the roads and at places of stay is always enjoyable because of the variety. I do not like trekking as my physical condition is not suitable for trekking. The best heritage places visited by me are the Taj Mahal, Konark Temple, Kailash temple and Brihadeswara Temple. Except for Kailash temple, the rest were visited on my car alone with self-driving. I always like to travel alone.

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    I love traveling. If it is by car, I like the music played on. Music with sight seeing is what I enjoy the most in a long trip. In a bus or a flight I love the window seat. I would want to travel to some place one day where I can experience snow fall. I like traveling to those places which is filled with nature's beauty than traveling to rush cities. But of course I like to shop as well from the places I visit.
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    We often club the travel of two nuclear families and set out to a nature spot or a jungle safari/resort. Once we are on the move, I love sitting next to the driver in the front with my favorite camera during the drive to the place of visit and during the jungle safaris. For me, the thrill and the anticipation of capturing something unique are so exhilarating that I feel satisfied when I capture something that just happens unexpectedly. I always have my camera ready as far as possible, I've captured people fighting, glimpses of village life, animals suddenly crossing the roads and during safaris animals just emerging or just at the edge of your line of sight is a treat to capture.

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    A little monkey that darted across the road to join its mother, taken from the inside the car when the car suddenly slowed down.

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    Nice photo shared by Natarajan. While traveling in car we get such moments and that is why we must keep our cell phone camera handy to capture those rare moments and that would be so memorable.
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    I have travelled a lot specially when I was young. Though due to my nature of work I have visited many places in India and seen a lot of it but I did not like the journey part. It was always tiring and exertive for me. But once I reached the place and after freshning up went out for a small walk outside to get myself aware with the new surroundings or many times to revisit known surroundings, I enjoyed the part very much.
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    Members are requested to kindly read the thread properly and then post their response.

    As far as I am concerned, I enjoy the journey part the most. If it is by train, I enjoy the scenery, the food inside the train, the different people and stations and so on. If it is by road, I enjoy the stops in between, the stretching out (as ar said) and of course the different snacks and drinks we get at the wayside eateries and dhabas.

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    I like any travel especially by us and train. I like to observe the people getting in and out, their conversations in various languages, sometimes participating in discussions of any topic under sun , hearing their personal experiences and getting enriched in knowledge from them. I forsake my sleep and rest and would like to look out of window and see new place, their geographic characteristics, plants and animals etc. Even if it is an oft travelled rout, I would like to see what changes have happened after my last travel that route. It was same when I was travelling same route every day for years in the same route going to office.

    I can say about a journey that I liked and feel nostalgic about. That was a travel with my wife in a first class single coupe in the initial days of our marriage, and with our little son a few years later. The uniqueness was the privacy and exclusivity of family and the thrills and frills and services and conveniences in those travel.

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    I like journeys of short distances, whatever the mode. I do not like any kind of travel which extends beyond four hours & I prefer setting out in the morning hours rather than post-lunch to factor in possible delays and not waste most of the day in the travel rather than at the destination.

    The one aspect of travel that I like is wandering around the local market. It is great fun to explore various shops and even check out local fruits and vegetables or other things like spices and dry fruits. One often discovers a difference between the ones available there and the ones back in one's own city, such as the red chillies being larger or the carrots a brighter orange. It is also good fun to discover some unusual ice-cream flavour that is not available back home!

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