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    Kerala speedster has no chance to take further part in cricket!

    Sreesanth the Kerala speedster who was represented Indian team a few years back and was banned from the Indian cricket team because of spot-fixing in IPL as he appealed to High court but all his efforts were in vain.He told a press conference that he wants to play for another country if BCCI will not allow to permit him to play for India and also alleged there are many players involved in spot-fixing but a few small fishes came out.Do you believe what Sreesanth words?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Yes. Sreesanth may not be able to represent India in National and International cricket. He said he may play for other countries. But what are the chances. BCCI is on the top of ICC and almost controlling all aspects. In such case, if any country tries to take him BCCI may inform about the player to that country and may tell them not to encourage. So I have my own doubts on this aspect.
    In many police cases, a culprit will become an informer to the police and give the names and clues to net in the bigger culprits in that case. Similarly, if this man is having any evidence he can come out openly and tell the concerned the names of players who are involved so that the big fishes also will come into the net like him. This is only a blame game. Azharuddin was also banned from cricket and he has become an MP. Like that Sreesanth can also try his luck in politics and become MP/MLA and then the scenario will get changed completely for him.

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    First, in August, his ban was revoked by the Kerala HC, then BCCI had appealed against this and later on the HC restored his ban last month.So he cannot play any cricket conducted by BCCI. Poor Sreesanth was hoping for a place in Ranji Trophy. He has asked for an explanation about CSK and RR who were brought back into IPL. He can approach SC. He has also asked for the 13 names of people listed earlier in a report on corruption in cricket. BCCI has previously rejected his appeal to play for Scotland.
    I think we have not heard the last of this saga, He can be the dark horse and file a RTI or approach SC or even write a book about fixing in circket. He has nothing to loose but BCCI can't afford to loose it's 'zero tolerance policy on corruption'.

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