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    How many more years we can live on this earth...

    World renowned Physicist Stephen Hawkings has warned that the human life on earth will be in trouble within the coming six hundred years if we continue to grow like this in number and consume
    energy at this rate. He adds that if this human race has to continue we may have to find out another planet inhabitable for this race. So far the same has not been identified. So, he says that the scientists must concentrate on this and also invent small spacecraft with its speed equivalent to that of light rays. Scientists must concentrate on these types of research here after.
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    Sorry Mr. Sankaran. I don't think Stephen Hawkin's warning is correct. According to me, the world population will decrease, and people will have joyful living on this good earth. Why I say this because our forefathers were making more than ten children, then our previous generation reduced it to some size and wanted to have only two by saying ' we two have two'. Now with the present generation, it has been further reduced to one by saying 'we two will have one'. And also we say'we two and have none'. At this rate, do you think the population will grow for another 600 years. After few years, say 100 years, there will be a great change on this good earth. We need not think of migrating to another planet.
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    Man since ages has been plundering the resources of mother nature so much so that even the air we breathe is poisoned by his unsatiable greed to fuel his own materialistic growth. We have a shortage of land, water, natural resources. The lakes have disappeared, underground water is shrinking, famines are getting longer and floods are getting stronger. The gap between rich and poor is ever widening, countries are fighting each other instead of working together to find solutions to far more pressings global issues. Yet, among all this human population is relentlessly growing. So logically thinkings, the number of humans and the mechanisms to sustain us are heading in opposite direction. It would be a matter of time before we outrun our supplies and face decimation in large number. So, this doomsday predict might become true.

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    Science can say many things on this topic. But spiritual science clearly depicts that the destiny is already planned by the God/Paramatma/Supreme Power. This can clearly seen by us in our daily routine. A small child dies in one place but in some house a ma/woman lives more than 90 years. We have seen a man dies by knocking in a stone but a child escapes even fallen from running bus.

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    I can agree with your point sir, the way we have been utilizing our natural and non-renewable resources, we are at the par of their degradation. We need to conserve the resources like water, electricity, all the resources from which the energy is generated. Most importantly, plants, their preservation is very much important. Increasing pollution and deforestation have badly affected our lives. The resulting Smog these days in Delhi, is the finest example of this. This definitely depicts that mankind is on the verge of the danger zone. We can also see that the age of a normal human being has also declined. So, there are many examples which tell this.
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    I agree with Sun. Now the number of children has reduced when compared to olden days. Secondly more people are affected by vatious diseases which increases the death rate. Earlier people used to live till 90-100yrs but now 50-60 is the average. Death rate has increased due to the toxins we inhale and intake. Birth rate has reduced due to the increasing expenses and family planning. Then why humans have to look for another planet?

    I agree on the point that we are destroying the natural resources and if it goes like this the coming generation won't be left with anything. Even the air we breathe is polluted, so after 600yrs imagine the condition of the air.

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    None of us knows how it will be after 600 years. In addition to earth, other planets may come to the rescue of the human beings to stay in. So we need not worry about that.
    But we should all should be concerned with the pollution that is taking place around. If this system continues it will become very difficult to stay on. So we all should have a thinking about the point.
    We should work towards that goal. Our elders handed over us a beautiful planet, The earth, to live on. It is our moral responsibility to hand over the same to our next generation at least in the same way if not improved. So give utmost importance to the environment protection and see that the earth continues to be a safe place for the coming generation. In this contest, I remember a saying of Gandhiji. Earth is having all that is required to satisfy all our needs to live on but not the greedy requirement of the human beings.

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    Well I have not read any book or referring from any source. Based on my personal experience and over 54 years of living in this earth so far, what I feel that for every thing the end must come. Probably earth is also facing that situation. Over the past few years, the natural calamities are increasing, sudden floods, sudden earth quakes of high magnitude, sudden accidents, and above all human being fail to gauge the future happenings. Even the met department cannot predict the climate. So future seems to be bleak and the human beings are loosing faith on nature and cannot cope up with their available resources. Four seasons can be seen in one day. The fog menace in Delhi is the great example of how the climate and nature can play havoc and make the life stand still. Today morning only I watched the news video that series of cars got collided due to non visibility in Delhi and thus lives are donated to earth for no reason.
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    Seeing the development of nuclear arsenels, change in ecology and climate, pollution and increasing population there are chances that the human life may extinct on this planet earth but it is difficult to say whether it will really happen so or if yes then when.

    Migrating to other habitable planets is presently a science fantasy but with time the possibility of such space voyage can not be ruled out.

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    I recommend the book 'Collapse' written by Dr Jared Diamond, professor of Geography at the, University of California, LA for the answer to the above question.
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    World population may decrease or increase, the needs of human beings are going on increasing. Energy needs are increasing beyond limits. It has already been accepted that the availability of energy from the traditional sources have a limit. Now we are looking at energy produced from non traditional sources ( solar, waves, etc.). However our dependence on energy is increasing. This goes on increasing heat and thus our earth gets heated more.
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