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    Don't you think that consultancies are fraud ?

    What you all think that indulging job consultancies between companies and candidates requiring job is a right thing. because most of the consultancies are doing fraud . So can anybody can tell me that what can we do if somehow we became a victim of this fraud system.

    in my experience of last two years that the famous job portals are getting paid by these consultancies to provide job to the candidates. these consultancies call candidates through call and email and demand money for providing job. but actually they do not provide right job.

    Novice people come into their trap and become fool.
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    In India, anything can happen, I've read about some house maintainence staff agency that places housemaids to needy clients without even meeting the client, they send the maid provided the client agrees for a 13 month upfront payment and they insist of one months salary as their placement charges. I've heard of job placement agencies especially for the Gulf that used to ask for 2-3 months of the salary before the employee even leaves India. Similarly, it would be difficult to filter out the good agencies from the fraud ones. When they are paid from both sides, these are nothing but practices that exist among middlemen and brokers who find properties to buy and to rent. I think it's just a sad case of financial blackmail of an emotionally anxious employee to land his or her dream job.
    But can we do without these necessary evils that would be the first point of contact for the thousands of graduate in search of a job?

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    We cannot say so as some fraud persons are doing their cheating in the name of consultancy. The persons utilizes only should be careful in selecting the agencies through proper hearing.

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    Since I have never consulted any consultancy for getting a job, I am not much aware of it. But, I have heard from my friends that they just tend to make money at times. While this is not completely correct, they would help in finding jobs also, if the consultancies are relevant ones. But, we should be aware and enquire first fully, before spending our money on any consultancies.
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    I do not know whether every consultancies are fraud. But there are some which cheat people for money. Many people fall in their trap easily.
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    I have many references where candidates has got a good job through consultancy as it sounds profitable for both- consultancy firms as well as the employer. Most of the time, consultancy firms asks for bonds if they confirms a job for a candidates and in such cases, candidates cannot leave a job before that bond's tenure.
    Firms save money as they do not have to conduct massive interview sessions and advertisements for vacancies and they just need to contact a consultancy firm.
    All these details I got to know from friends only and I am not experienced in this.


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    Companies do outsource their job requirement to consultancies to get candidates for the company, the company already pays the consultancies so the consultancies are restricted to demand any pay from the candidate, if at all they demand any pay from the candidate to offer any job, the candidate can directly approach the company and file a complaint.

    This can also be verified from the companies website that they do not ask any payment from the candidate for the job, if at all anyone approaches you for a payment, you can directly file a complaint against the consultancy with the company.They will take the necessary action.

    Don't fall prey to consultancies which offer jobs on the pretext of money. But there are good consultancies as well, they act as a mediator between you and the company, in this case, you don't have to pay a single penny, it is already taken care by the organization.

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    I think that the author went to a wrong agency. Many companies, these days, are outsourcing the recruitment process to the consultant.The consultants will have a list of eligible candidates with him or he will go through the job portals and make a list of suitable candidates, Then he will contact them and talk to them and tell them about the company. He will also inquire about his preferences. Then he will shortlist the candidates who will match with the requirements and submit that list to the company. Then the company will call them to interview and select the person. After the selected person joins the company, the company will pay him 8% of the yearly salary basic salary. If the candidates leave the company within one year he will have to provide a fresh list to the company free of cost. He will not charge anything for the selected candidate. So we can't say all consultants are cunning. I almost recruited more than 50 people in my previous company on the above way only. So in all fields, there will be good and bad people. Everyone can't be blamed for the mistake of one.
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    In our country because of high population and naturally high number of qualified people there is a big demand and supply gap between them and jobs. So there are few jobs and a large number of aspirants.

    The situation is also not conducive for self employed persons. There are many competitors already in the scene. The job situation is worsening day by day as more and more degree holders are being churned out by the institutions.

    In such a scenario the consultancies are cheating people in one way and other and the gullible and job seekers are falling in their trap.

    Unfortunately the degree holders can not do the menial or inferior jobs as it is either against their prestige or they do not have the skills to undertake them.

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