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    How to make money from indiastudychannel? I have infrestead to this query.
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    Hi, Please go to help topics and the article sections, you will have the information on how to make money from the various sections of this site like job posts, article contribution, ask the experts and the forum, there are clear guidelines to be followed. You can also look at revenue generation from Adsense, even that article is listed in the article section.

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    Please go to the help section which will give you all required information about this ISC. Go through the thread section and article section. There are some articles which will let you about the methodology you have to follow for posting on this channel. All the best to you.
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    Vijay Kumar, certainly you can make money from this site, but never expect a windfall gain. If you have the zeal to write and present your views and matter in a convincing manner , to the understanding level of the reader and net user, then there are every chance of you earning from each post you make here. When ever you post a thread here, after approval the ads appear and the site gets revenue out of it which is shared to the member who has raised the post. Later when you are regular and sticking to this site with good performance, Google Adsense is also eligible to be earned. So you are not wasting time here. But one thing is sure, this site is very strict on quality of the writing without any grammatical error, and the contents should be of your own and not copied from anywhere or any source from internet. ISC respects originality and even gives awards and rewards for the great contributors.
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