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    PM Modi things nothing but the rhyming words. Is it not?

    Dear ISCians,
    I think our PM thinks lot to get rhyming words to deliver his speech. In every speech, we can hear him using few rhyming words. Very recently, I have seen him addressing a gathering where he used the following rhyming words. ' I have three things to do - Reform, Perform and Transform."

    I agree that he chooses the best words that sounds good, but does he executes and achieves it successfully. Modi performs by words, not by action. Do you agree or disagree?
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    Yes I have been watching his speech on important occasions which were always filled with apt rhyming words much to the cheers of the crowd. Earlier once I heard his speach on digital India and also skill development . During which he stressed for still development to scale development through skill development. Now his speech on reform, perform and transform is also great. By the way for any leader to perform by what he said must have formidable team of Ministers and officers who would guide him and help him, Probably that is not seen and thus there is gap seen between what he says and what he does.
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    Our Prime Minister Mr.Modi is a very good orator.He modulates his voice very nicely. He knows where to give more stress and where not. So all the people are getting impressed with his words. But the time so far given to him is around 4 years. There are definitely some improvements are there but we can't expect miracles overnight. One good thing I should point out is corruption at the highest level has been stopped. The coal mines auctioning is a big example of this. Even he bought a lot of transparency in defence purchasing and other purchasing also. He is trying to do certain things but as there is no cooperation from the others his efforts are not yielding that much results. But I am very sure that he is the better than all his contemporaries. I say we should give him another chance to show his good administrative skills. Generally people say the vessel full of water will make less noise. But Manmohan Singh and Modi proved that proverb wrong.
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    No denial that he is one of the best orators, who has always captured his audience but what I feel is that his speeches are often misleading and also tries to exploit the emotions of the audience.

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    Yes our prime minister is a very good orator and it is one of the most important qualities of his which made him so popular and people blindly follow him. The way he speaks with these rhymings and making abbrevation of hindi and English words together which connect with youth, as well as old people, make his speeches to reach to people in the more easy manner and above all the confidence he fills in public listening to him makes his fan the following increase every day.
    If you ever see his facebook page you can notice this number of fan following within few minutes. Not only across India but also around the world people appreciate his speaking skills. But yes that doesn't make him a good prime minister for which he needs to show the result and peoples are getting bored with just speeches and wants the result that is why what used to be liked by most people earlier is now just looking like.
    Because all the Indians are waiting eagerly for the development which they were promised and becoming impatient they want this development to be as loud and clear as prime minister's voice sounds but this is not possible that much fast so we need to be a little bit patient and wait.
    After-all when we have given congress 60 years of patience why not give BJP 5 years of patience.

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    A mass leader has to attract people in different ways. Oratory skills s one of them. Before seeing the performance people get a hint of what he is going to perform, from his speeches. Modi has been very successful in that. His speeches were instrumental in helping NDA win to rule India.

    It is also true that he has not delivered al that he promised. As a normally educated person, I am convinced that his government is doing a lot of things which will be good for the country in the future. However for a general citizen, his immediate requirements are at macro level and quite different.

    An ordinary citizen is concerned with mundane matters like price of vegetables and groceries, bus and train fares, petrol price, price of cooking gas, availability of things, easiness in getting things done at various service points, delay or corruption in government offices etc. I think an ordinary citizen cannot be happy in these things. So ultimately he is feeling that he is again betrayed and the NDA or Modi are not much different from other erstwhile ruling parties. NDA or PM has come only because of the overwhelming votes and support of these ordinary,impartial, unbiased ordinary people. They may go for a rethinking. That can be worrisome for NDA and Modi. As a generally educated and rationally and logically analysing person, I feel a reversal to Modi and his party at this juncture is not good for the country.

    Hence let the NDA/BJP and Modi advisors think well and do their best to make common people feel satisfied y and relieved of their extra burden.

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    Yes, Mr.Modi, our PM is an skilled leader who is also an excellent orator. Whe you listen to him speak at rallies, it looks OK. But if listen or see videos thinking that you are a common man who has been suffering from the lapses in the system, forget your bias, then you get a sense that he is actually doing a very good job of reassuring the masses. He connects so well, with pauses in between,rarely hurrying through the talk. He speaks sensibly and the way the facts are presented,he is very convicing.

    The next important link to your question is Mr.Amit Shah who is the unoffical Chankya of India politics and certainly a King maker. This government has faced its problems and come out well so far.The problem with the public is we have seen so much of corruption and apathy that we want change overnight. Or else we start comparing immediately. Some of it may be publicity stunts but he has been in touch with the armed forces, regularly encouraging women into important portfolios, and yes, he is a politician he has to use some language that is catch. Dr Rao and Neelam Joshi has summed up the rest, things are slow, given time it would certainly happen if we don't pull down this man. I'm sure they will start checking and getting the strategy for the next elections to keep the profile high.

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