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Time to submit your entries for the second e-book contest. Pick up your keyboards and start writing!
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    The Doorkeeper: E-book Contest 2 - write a chapter, win a prize!

    At the outset, a reminder: read the instructions!

    All those who registered for this contest can submit their entries in this thread. Each member can submit only one chapter.

    The title of the e-book: The Doorkeeper

    What you have to do:
    1. Submit the chapter in the order of registration, of minimum 200 words and maximum 300 words only. No chapter title is required. If you wish, you can give one link (not more) to any related internal page of ISC (any section.)
    2. Submit your entry in English only. You are not to edit your chapter once submitted, as it will create confusion to the next participant if you suddenly change something. However, you can correct typo errors within your time limit of 24hrs. (IST time)
    3. You should submit your chapter in a manner which is relevant to the e-book title and develop the story from the previously submitted chapters. Present it in a manner which will enable the next participant to pick up the story nicely.
    4. You can include conversations/dialogues. You can also introduce a new character / give a name to an unnamed character already mentioned, but do not needlessly include extra characters and make the story confusing.
    5. You can introduce any type of element in the story - romance, humour, horror, mystery, etc. However, do not submit anything indecent and do not use inappropriate language.

    Note: As per the chapter number based on the order of registration, you should submit your text within 24 hours of the time of submission of the previous chapter. If you fail to do so, then the next person in line will take it up.

    Everyone is requested not to make any comments or give any feedback on any of the chapters submitted by participants. You may do so later, in the winners' announcement thread. In case you do have any query or are confused about the contest, please submit your query only in this thread.

    1. The authors of the two best chapters will each receive an award of Rs.150/- and the virtual gift of the certificate of creativity.
    2. Two second prizes of Rs.100/- + virtual gift of appreciation.
    3. One or two consolation prizes of Rs.75/- + virtual gift of fresh flowers.
    4. All participants will receive enhanced points & cash credits as per the quality of the entry. Winners will get 10 points to their entry, but no cc for it as their main prizes will be credited to their profile account.

    Have fun!
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    The first registered participant, Neethu, has to submit her entry within 24 hours (by 11.19a.m. tomorrow). Others will follow in a similar manner.
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    Chapter 1

    "This year the winter had arrived much before its season. There was heavy snowfall last night, the weather is getting worse", said my Mom to Dad while having the breakfast at the dining table. There was continuous broadcast on the radio as well about the heavy snowfall, it said that this snowfall will continue for the next 72 hours. All were advised to stay inside but I had to somehow find a way out to reach the Church Hill Gate.

    I silently had my breakfast and climbed back to my bedroom, I got dressed up in warm clothes from head to toe to keep myself warm. With my favorite boots on, I climbed down from my bedroom to the hall, in the hall, there was a fireplace which mom had lit to keep the house warm. Dad was sitting in the rocking chair, beside it, reading a book. I dragged the cushioned chair towards the window, I climbed onto it and then with my gloves I wiped the window which was covered in a mist. I could still see the snow falling.

    I asked myself is it worth going to the Church Hill Gate in this climate to meet an old fragile man, after all, I had promised him last year that I would meet him on this day, it might be possible that he might not even remember me. Is it worth taking the risk? Will my parents allow me? I will have to think of an excuse. I was still staring outside with both my palms and face on the windows.

    Suddenly my mom came from behind and asked "Sarah! Why are you dressed up and where are you going? I was startled and turned around, there was a big frown on her face.

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    Chapter 2

    I was startled by the question of mom. I started fumbling to find a suitable excuse. Mom continued frowning. I told her that I had to meet an old friend whom I had promised to meet this very day. While mom was trying to digest my awkward reply, my mind traveled backwards.

    Last year also, I had come to Kasauli in the beginning of November-but not with my parents, but with the students of my college. The group of around sixty Journalism students and two professors of our college had been staying in a hotel near Church Hill Gate. We had been immensely enjoying the cold weather. We had enjoyed our meeting with Khushwant Singh, the famous writer, who had been to Kasauli on his annual trip. The days had been like a dream.

    But on the penultimate night of the trip, my sweet dream had turned to a nightmare. I had been sharing a room with Shabnam and Rebecca. Just before the campfire, we three had a terrible altercation. Shabnam and Rebecca had started abusing me. I had not been able to reply those nasty words. Terribly angry, I had left the room and the hotel in a huff.

    I had been so dejected and shocked that I had left in light woolen. No girl or boy of our group had noticed me. I had come to the lawn and then wandered outside the hotel.

    Nobody in our group had noticed me, but the old Gurkha doorkeeper had not missed my departure. His shift had been over. He had been changing in the guard-room beside the main entrance of the hotel.

    Quickly handing over the charge, the old, fragile doorkeeper had started following me.

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    I was completely out of the mood and not able get back to my normal. I was very much annoyed with my roommates. I just started walking around and without my knowledge, I came on to the road. The road was very dark. The black road was like a serpent crawling before me. It was absolute silence. The weather was very cold. My light woollens were not able to completely protect me from the cold.

    All of a sudden I observed two middle-aged men coming very near to me and trying to hold me. Both of them were not able to even walk properly. Both of them are fully in the drunken condition. I got frightened a little by seeing both of them in that dark night. Immediately I turned back to go to the hotel.

    From a little distance, the fragile door keeper observed these two people. He immediately focused his torchlight on these two guys. He came near and threatened the culprits with the stick in his hand. I ran and stand behind that fragile doorkeeper and somehow those two people ran away from there.

    I got relieved from the problem because of the timely help from this fragile doorkeeper. I thought by giving him some money I couldn't say that I have shown my gratitude to him. The fragile doorkeeper with full of tears in his eyes advised me not to go out alone. I thanked him and offered Rs.1000/- to express my gratitude. The doorkeeper refused and said he lost his daughter of almost of my age last year. When he was on duty some culprits came and killed her in the house itself. I felt pity for him and promised that I will come to see him next year on the same day.

    Are you in this world, my mom is shouting, I came to this world from my last year remembrances.

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    Chapter 4

    I have an urgent work to do I will talk to you later said Sarah wearing her overcoat and grabbing her car keys she ran outside. Completely neglecting what her mother was shouting from behind.
    While in her car she tightened her seatbelt remembering last year's incident and how it shook her from inside which later made her join self-defense classes and made her restless. Before that incident she used to think about becoming an anchor sitting in an AC room delivering news in a fantastic and unique manner but after her journalism degree completed she didn't do what she thought of earlier, instead she now reports news stories of incident which no reporter says yes to cover and goes to dangerous places that normally people fear of.
    From Kashmir border terrorism, Naxal affected areas and most heinous crimes she has covered all these stories she is completely fearless now her parents are always worried about her fearlessness, her life, and security and wonder what made their daughter changed so much after the trip.
    And for this reason, only they asked her to spend her holiday at that same destination. They wish to get back their old clumsy, funny and cheerful little girl who has now converted into a serious and mature reporter. But Sarah never discussed that incident with anyone and knows what her parents feel.
    Sarah is driving with all these thoughts of her parents, and past stories going through her mind. Suddenly realizes she had reached her destination but the old man wasn't there.
    She asked hotel authorities about the old man's address who told her that old man has become somewhat capricious after he got to know that his daughter's murderers are bailed out.

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    Sarah sat in her car and was now even more determined to find the guardian doorkeeper.
    She switched in the radio and the news was alive with the brutal murder of journalist , Gauri Lankesh.
    "The brutal murder of Gauri Lankesh, a fierce journalist and free thinker has reignited the fight for justice for all those who were killed in cold-blood like her,...".
    Sarah's thoughts were going in a new direction now.
    Was the doorkeeper now on the same path of life as she was imagining?
    Was his daughter also a journalist who had met the same sad fate as Gauri Lankesh?
    As it became dark and the sun was setting, she could feel a little pang of fear at the approaching darkness.
    It was the first time she had felt fear for the path ahead, the doorkeeper and his daughter and even her profession.
    She felt she had chosen the wrong path which led to destruction in the future for her family as well.
    She turned the car around and suddenly stopped the car as she noticed something on the road.
    She got down shakily from her car and looked around for somebody's car to arrive.
    It looked like somebody had fallen on the road and she ran as fast as she could towards the body.
    She screamed.with horror as she noticed the familiar built and clothes of the person.
    To her utter shock , it was the Gurkha doorkeeper who was lying injured on the ground.
    Sarah cried, "Gurkha ji, please wake up, it's me your daughter Sarah!".
    She tried in vain to wake him up but there was no response.She felt tears roll down her eyes .

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    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    For a moment Sarah almost thought that the doorkeeper was dead until she heard him moaning in pain. She turned him around and was shocked to see him bleeding all over his body. Though she was glad that he was still breathing she was very much worried as to what could have happened to him that he lay on ground almost dead in a pool of blood, at this time of hour. All kinds of thoughts were running into Sarah's mind now. Was he over drunk that some vehicle hit him to the ground or was he brutally attacked by someone.

    Sarah put her thoughts aside and decided to act quickly to save the doorkeeper's life. She dragged him to the car and somehow managed to put him inside to take him to the hospital. As she wanted to locate the nearest hospital she frantically began searching for her mobile in her handbag, only to realise that she had forgotten to put it into her bag while leaving home in a hurry. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She cannot afford to lose time now as she has got to somehow save the doorkeeper's life at any cost. She was indebted to him for having saved her from the clutches of those wretched men that dreadful night. She began to start her car now and kept driving, in the hope that she would find someone on the way to reach out for help. Suddenly the car engine stopped abruptly while driving. It failed to start again despite several attempts by her.

    A cold shiver ran down her spine. All of a sudden Sarah felt that the whole world came to an end. Sarah just closed her eyes and began to pray silently. "God please help me today".

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    Chapter 7:-
    Suddenly she saw a lady waiting at bus stop. Sarah stopped her car and asked her for the nearest hospital. The lady said, "I am a doctor and going to hospital to attend an emergency". Sarah gave her lift to drop at hospital and requested her to attend the doorkeeper- Gorkha. The doctor immediately turned to check him on back seat, but alas, no one was there. Sarah was in great fear and pain now as not even the blood stains were there on the seat. She was not in position to drive the car any more. Doctor asked her to give her the driving seat and they reached the hospital soon.
    Doctor suggested Sarah to come with her and take rest. Sarah followed. They entered in the cabin and Doctor rushed towards emergency ward. He was an old man. To the great surprise for Doctor, he was also a Gorkha. She thought that it is merely a coincidence and as she touched, she found him dead. She immediately called Sarah in Emergency ward. Sarah screamed as she saw the face of dead old man.
    Yes, he was that door keeper she was searching for and then was trying to help!
    "How can it be possible"? Sarah shouted, "He was lying on the road and bleeding badly; I dragged and pushed in my car." Her tears were rolling down continuously and doctor tried to console her.
    She brought a glass of water for her asked her to relax. Sarah sat silently, staring at the dead body as if she was asking him to explain what just happened with her.
    She drank the water and went to wash room. She was washing her face and suddenly noticed that some one is standing behind her. He was the Gorkha- door keeper.


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    Chapter 8

    Sarah again washed her face and turned to find whether someone really was beside her. "No no-one is there", she thought to herself. With the sudden death of the old Gurkha doorkeeper, she had started fascinating things. The lady doctor closely diagnosed the wounds on the doorkeeper's body and found that it is not an accident but a cold blooded murder.

    "We need to inform the police", said the lady doctor to Sarah and explained her why the police needs to be informed. The police entered the emergency ward to investigate the murder of the Gurkha doorkeeper. "Who bought him here", asked the inspector. The lady doctor explained the events to the inspector.

    "Could you take me to the spot where the murder took place", asked the inspector. Sarah led the way to the spot where the murder was committed. Seeing the stains of the blood of the doorkeeper on the road, Sarah again broke down. "This was the place where I found the Gurkha completely soaked in a pool of blood", said Sarah. The inspector looked here and there to find any sort of clue.

    Then the inspector saw a CCTV camera installed on a nearby hotel that was facing the spot where the whole occurrence took place. "The whole murder mystery will now be solved. I found a very big clue out there", said the inspector. The inspector asked the hotel receptionists to playback the footage. To their amazement they saw two men following old Gurkha.

    Suddenly, one of the men took out a butcher's knife and stabbed the old Gurkha's body multiple times. Sarah screamed with terror. She was now thinking why the two men killed the Gurkha doorkeeper so brutally? What enmity do they have with the doorkeeper?

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    Chapter 9
    The police inspector, Mr. Sahni consoled Sarah. Sarah slowly narrated each and every thing that happened last November in Kasauli. She also mentioned what this Gurkha doorkeeper told her about his daughter being killed. Mr. Sahni called up Kasauli police station to investigate on the two absconders of the previous murder case. By now it was quite evident that, the murderers of this old doorkeeper were none other than the brutal killers of his daughter. Mr. Sahni now turned to Sarah. "Sarah, your parents have filed a missing diary in Kasauli police station. Come, let me take you home."
    Suddenly, Sarah realized that it's been almost 24 hours since she left home. Neither did she give any news to her parents about her well being, nor did he bring her mobile phone. Sarah reached home with Mr. Sahni and explained everything to her parents. Her parents were proud of Sarah, but at the same time they mourned the demise of the doorkeeper. They couldn't even thank him for saving their daughter's life.
    A few days later, the murderers were arrested with three more people from Delhi. They all belonged to the same gang. During the investigation, they confessed committing the murders of the doorkeeper and his daughter. These criminals used to rob young girls who traveled at night or lived alone. Sometimes, they even physically abused the young girls and escaped.
    After returning home, Sarah covered this news for her news channel. Eventually, it crossed her mind that many crimes are committed against young girls, why not do something in protest? After all, she didn't learn self-defense for nothing. She called up Mr. Sahni and arranged a meeting with the chairman of women's commission and the commissioner of police of Kasauli to address this social malaise.

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    "What happened after that, Ms.Sarah?"

    Sarah smiled at the thirteen-year-old who had asked the question. "Then, I met you shit-stirrers."

    The girls in the class giggled while Sarah stalled for a long minute, wondering how she should phrase her next sentence.

    "The world isn't a safe place," she began softly. "Each and every one of us is fighting a war. Some wars are brought to light and we hear about them in the news. Others persist in darkness. Some leave physical scars. Others cause mental ones."

    "But we can't give up," Sarah continued firmly. "We can't EVER give up. What happened to me in Kasauli made me strong, relentless. But after witnessing the death of the doorkeeper, I learned another lesson. One about love, patience, and the will to go on no matter what."

    "'Sthat how you started the iSurvive campaign?" asked Tanya, oldest of the group. "With pure will?"

    Sarah nodded. "When my meeting with WC chairman and ACP didn't go as planned, I decided to take matters into my own hands. My parents were my strength and my job was a tool that'd help me reach my goal. For years, I fought alone. I filed petitions for mandatory awareness programs in schools; picked up every assault, harassment, murder case and reported them on national T.V.; started a self-defense class for women—"

    "We love this class!" the girls chorused.

    "Good," chuckled Sarah. "I have support now, people who share my goal. It's because of them that I was able to launch iSurvive. Like I said, the world isn't a safe place. We're all victims of some form of harassment. Those of us who haven't given up are survivors."

    "We persist," said Tanya proudly.

    Sarah looked at everyone in the class and sucked in a deep breath. "We persist."

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