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    Which doctor do you prefer to visit, a low charging or a high charging?

    A recent study showed that Indian doctors spend only 2 minutes on an average with the patient. This is because lot of patients will be waiting outside his cabin. Such doctors, who generally spend less time, charge less when compared to the doctors who spend some quality time with the patients. In my hometown, we have a doctor who won't see more than 15 patients a day. And obviously, he charges more and getting an appointment with that doctor is very difficult. It may take 3 - 4 days to get an appointment. In this context, which type of doctor do you prefer to visit, a low charging or a high charging?
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    I would go for the one who is referred to me as the being the best in the health field for which I need to consult, since my health is important to me. The correct diagnosis is the most important aspect, so for that I would definitely not mind going to the best professional even if he charges higher fees than others. If I discover that he/she is indeed really good, I would continue with the same doctor for treatment and followup.
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    To which doctor we have to go, will be decided basing on the feedback we get from various people who visited them earlier and the general opinion in public about the doctor. How much consultation fee he is charging is not a criterion for selection of the doctor. Generally, for different problems, different doctors will be available. We have to first decide to which specialist we have to go? Then once the specialisation is known, we should enquire from known sources about who is the best doctor available in that field.
    There is no comparison between the money charged as consultation fee and time they spend on the patient. When we go to a doctor if the doctor gives attention to you and hears what you are telling, half of your problem appears to be controlled. Once you have that mindset, the medicines given by him will work and you will get cured. When my father was suffering from some anxiety problem I have taken him to a very good and very famous doctor in the field in Hyderabad. He charges very high. After the first visit my father told me that he was not interested in going to that doctor, I asked him, why? He says this doctor was not hearing even what we were saying and he was not concentrating on the issue. Then I told him many known people went to him and got cured of the same problem and we will try for another 1 or 2 visits and then decide. He accepted we continued, but no use. Then I enquired with some doctors to suggest a good doctor. Finally, a nurse from Railway hospital suggested a doctor. He was not that much known around. But that lady is a good friend of my wife and she told that he is very good. This doctor charged less than the other doctor. But in the first visit, the doctor almost spent one hour with my father and put many questions and he answered whatever questions my father asked him. He prescribed some medicine and asked us to visit again after 10 days. My father was very happy. The got full confidence on the doctor. He used that medicines for 10 days and all his problems solved. This happened almost 13 years back. Today my father is very normal and no problem. Even today he is in touch with that doctor. So what I say is the patient should have confidence and belief in the doctor.

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    The decision regarding the selection of a doctor will definitely be not on the basis of consultation fees. If patient is convinced of the quality of a doctor, that is his ability to cure the disease, he will visit that doctor only. Patient will worry about the fee only later.
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    For that matter every family has the family physician who knows the health of the family members and can suggest medicines and advise without even seeing the patient personally. Now a days doctors fees have also become non affordable, thanks to over charging by some doctors terming themselvs as the specialists of great hospitals. Even the government doctors who are supposed to see the patients for free at the government out patients departments, are advising the patients to visit their personal clinics for detailed analysis of the disease and there after treatment. That means free treatment becomes paid treatment.
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    It is better to go to a doctor who is experienced one and reputed as a good physician in the locality. That way one can ascertain to get a good advice. It is also necessary that the doctors attends the patient for at least 10-15 minutes.

    Regarding the fees some doctors charge very high while others do not but simply on this basis it is difficult to distinguish between them.

    In big hospitals also some doctors charge exorbitantly but that does not mean they will be giving you the best advice.

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    Low or high charging wouldn't be our parameter of choosing a doctor, I would go for one who is good and specialized and has a name. I wouldn't risk my health at any cost. At times doctor who charges less are better than the ones who charge you more than what is affordable. At times we won't even ask the doctor how much he would charge us, it's only after the diagnosis we ask him, how much is to be paid.

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    Some people have a concept that the higher the fees the better the doctor, many times the chargers are displayed prior to the consultation on the internet or the billing section except in smaller clinics wherein we come to know of the charges at the end of the consultation. Some members of the public also think that a lower charge would mean the doctor is new or not very busy and hence lowered the charges. Depending on the situation, if it's an emergency then people wouldn't mind the charges but pay to get the problem looked into. Most people choose a doctor based on hearsay reports, feedbacks, reputation and the hospital brand under which the doctor works.

    If you look at the buissness angle of how charges are decided, it would include the clinic license, clearances, and charges for proper medical waste disposal, reception staff, housekeeping and nursing staff, fixed overheads like rent, water, electricity charges and necessary types of equipment and fixtures.Often, a good part of the consultation fees hefty charges go for the ambiance and overheads.

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    When it comes to my health I will definitely go to the doctor that charges high. I will prefer the doctor who is good at the work he does. Fees doesn't matter when it is health. If you have health you can make wealth. So always importance is given for my health.
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    I read in a medical book that we should have a particular regular doctor for our family persons and he should be consulted for any ailment initially for all our family members and on his advise only we have to move to a specialist, if necessary. In olden days our elders had a family doctor and later we are all sophisticated, have more money, so we are just believing such doctors who scar us with diseases of new names and asking us to have scan etc.

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    I have been reading the main thread and other comments. In this connection I would like to state that in last twenty years or so, the concept of family physician has been over, at least in metro cities. So, the debate has no meaning. So-called low-charging doctors are charging at least Rs. 200/- per visit.

    This is my personal opinion.

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    Mr.Partha.In some countries like England, the concept of family doctor exists in the form of General Practitioners. All routine cases will be seen by the GPs who will then decide on a referral to the specialists. However in India, with many private centers, people approach the specialists directly and the cost of care goes up.The concept of the family physician is being encouraged in our country with many colleges offering a Diploma or a Masters degree in Family Medicine.

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    I visit Doctors according to their specialties and name they have earned by their work, not because of fees they charged. Because when a Doctor is good at his work everyone knows him/her by their work there is no need for any other introduction of theirs. But back in my hometown, there is a doctor who sees every patient patiently charges less fee and does a good checkup he even gives free treatment to many whom he feels is needy and requires more attention even if he does not have money.
    His father was also a doctor and he used to do the same things and now he is also carrying forward his fathers legacy because of the number of patients he attends he have to work till the evening and there is long line outside his clinic but people prefer to sit in lines rather than visiting anyother Doctor it is because of his benevolence and the way he treat people.

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    Mr. Natarajan: I do know that General Practitioners (GP) still exist in England. But my previous comment was relating to major cities of India.
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    By God's grace till now, I have o visit doctors only for the general common illnesses due to season change or due to some small boils, abrasion, sprains, fatigue aches etc. (except two occasions when I had been refereed to specialist ).

    My preference always is an MBBS or MD doctor nearest to my residence. It also depends on their working days & working hours to be convenient for me too. I usually go to the general physician only . Only if I am referred to a specialist I visit a specialist doctor. Even in the case of a dentist or ophthalmologist also I visit the general practitioners in those fields first.

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