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    Can Vir save the crumbling fort?

    Today the voters of Himachal Pradesh are exercising their voting option to form a new Government in the state. While Prem Kumar Dhumal has been announced as the Chief Ministerial candidate of the main opposition, BJP; Virbhadra Singh, the present Chief Minister from Congress, has been fighting anti-incumbency factor, corruption charges against him and his family members and infighting in the party. But he has done his best during the campaigning stage.

    There are 68 seats in the Assembly. In the last Assembly, Congress had 35 MLAs and BjP had 28 Members. Today till 12 noon, 28% voting has been completed. Presently the voting is going on at brisk pace.

    The million-dollar question is: Can Vir save this crumbling fort of his party? Or like other states, will the BJP form the Government in Himachal Pradesh? Other parties seem to be only participating.

    What would be the outcome of this Prem-Vir duel?
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    We have to wait and see. We can't anticipate what the voter will do at the last moment. As you mentioned, anti-incumbency factor is having a crucial part. Again the corruption charges on the CM himself and his family may also have some effect on the voters. So we have to see the trend only. But I think there are good chances for BJP also. A little change the voters towards BJP, there will be many chances for BJP to form the government. But as opined by the author it is really a million- dollar question only.
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    Latest Update: More than 74% turnout of voters in this election. Is it a record?

    However, the election results will be announced forty days later on 18th December along with the results of the Gujarat polls, to be held next month.

    So, we have to wait for forty days to know the outcome of Prem-Vir duel.

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    From the newspaper reports, it gives a picture that Congress is struggling and Mr.Modi's reports in the papers sounded that BJP is very confident this time of the elections. In one of speeches he has brought up the point that he was in Himachal Pradesh as BJP in charge few years back and now he is back to the same place as the PM asking the youth to standby in their fight against corruption. Perm Kumar Dhumal is not a new face for the PM and Mr.Dhumal has done good work in the tourism that would help them also at the elections. As always let's wait and see, the story so far says congress is hit hard this time and many not cross the finishing line, only the voters can tell us.

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