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    One rupee cash credit after long long time. Is ISC starving or I am off the hook ?

    My total cash credit has moved from 59 rupees to 60 rupees after ten days. I have been raising posts, responding to various threads, reviewing in articles sections and also responding to ask experts. But the cash credits are not pouring in as it was previously. This has prompted me to raise this thread. Is that mean ISC is starving with no cash credits it can allot to the members or I am of off the hook not raising the posts to the expected lines of editors thought and understanding level. Mind it I am not asking money here. I am talking about the system of allotting cash credits. How fair the cash credits are being allotted. ?
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    It is of quality than quantity. We all know that you are an active member who ensure to earn points only. Cash credit is awarded to quality posts only. Please ensure to post quality posts to get some good cash credits. ISC has no shortage of funds as announced by WM long back.

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    If ISC members opine that my intention was to earn points only, then why now and then cash credits also awarded for few posts?
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    Frankly writing. Most of your thread posts are of philosophy, pertaining to you or your state AP and Telengana, and doesn't interest much to the readers. They get their points automatically for their quantity. At times you are lucky with cash credits.

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    Postings in threads are not being considered for cash credits in a big way. We all know. Not only for you, for many members who participate more in threads the CC will be less. But for postings in Ask Experts will give CC. Probably you are not attempting more in this section. Articles also will give you good CC, but I have not seen many articles from as it is in my case also. Responses in Articles section may be getting CCs now and then. So the CC you got can be seen with respect to this method. Probably you are more in thread section than in other sections.
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    being in the forum for sometime, i now and then have got some cash credits, it is difficult to understand as some of my replies sound good to me but may not be that good to the general audience or the admin team. I don't think it would be possible for the admin to review all the posts and replies in forum. Is the check of forum threads and replies more at random? I am happy that for my ramblings, I get some points whenever I keep typing my thoughts, that keep me ticking sir.

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    I wish to patiently repeat what I have stated a couple of times earlier. You may seemingly think there is inactivity in terms of points & cc for the forum section, that this section is being neglected. However, forum editors are very much working behind the scenes. It is just that they do not enhance the points & cc on a daily basis simply because they are all having editing responsibilities in other sections. Hence, as I said earlier, rounds are made of forum threads once in a while only, every 8-10 days. Trust me, I have been personally doing a check myself 2-3 times in a month, generally on a weekend, and award enhanced points & cc for good threads as well as for responses. If by month end you do not see any such activity for your forum contributions, then it should be realized that there was something lacking in your contributions.

    As you all know, though, the forum section is not exactly the place to get earnings. It is more a platform for discussions & exchange of views than a source of cc.

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    I fully agree with the ME. Personally speaking, I don't participate in Forum section for cash credit, although if I get some cash credit from Forum section (even if it is miniscule), I feel happy.
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    Former TN Chief Minister Ms Jaylalita used to draw a salary of Rs 1 per month. She happily ruled the state many years.
    Then, why can't you rule the forum!?
    I am with you!

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    To be frank and honest, I find cash credits even for forum posts much more in quantum, frequency and spread than what it used to be. I have seen many threads and responses of various members getting due cash credits and extra points.

    Probably the review and giving cc may take a couple of days depending on the priority and pressure on the editors. Hence the cc build up may not be in the same serial order or sequence of our posting. That can be understood and should be tolerated.

    Personally, I can easily agree with Natrajan's statement "... I am happy that for my ramblings, I get some points whenever I keep typing my thoughts, that keep me ticking ." I have time and again reinstated my stand that my primary aim is not cc or points but interacting and sharing views with the well spread spectrum of members of ISC. Whatever comes is happily accepted as bonus without a murmur.

    If we do not get cc for our posts, and many others get, that can also mean that though our posts are good, there are many others that stand better at that time under the selection parameters. I actually welcome that more and more members contribute and earn. That will indirectly help us to open our own horizons of knowledge and improve quality also.

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    There may be some subjectivity from person to person in assessment of a post for CC but in general if the post is very good or has something novel or presented in a creative and impressive way, it gets remunerated.
    I have examined my posts after a gap of time and do not find all of them belonging to that standard. A few which I adore are generally get applause from one or more quarters and sometimes also get CC.
    So the best way to find out is imagine yourself in editors seat and review all the post including yours and just give the verdict for CC. Believe me you will be very close to what ISC editors have done.
    Please do not take it otherwise as in competitive environments such assesments are very common.

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    I feel it is easy to get points in forum section but not cc. I don't think of cc when posting a thread or an answer in forum section. But I will be happy when I am awarded with cc once in a while. I think about cc in forums only when it is time for TOW contest.

    I don't think ISC is starving as I have seen cc awarded for various members for their threads and answers. Some members even get 10-15cc based on the quality of their posts. I would just you to contribute a bit more thought provoking threads which members will be intrested in. I feel threads with more responses are awrded cc at times.

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    In the instant case, a thread was posted by a member and Mr. Mohan has responded with a suggestion containing two sentences. Meantime, the thread was found to be fit in AE category and was shifted to the AE section accordingly . So, the response to the thread was considered as an AE response and c.c was given as per the norms and it should not be treated as ISC starving for cash or else the author mis-hooked the ball.

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    Apart from what our ME or LE Jagdish or our members have said in the responses above, I would request Mr Mohan to check the details of cc that has been received by some other members during the same period for their threads or responses and arrive at a conclusion for himself that would/ may help him to add more cc to his credit through forums in future.

    I find that a suggestion or doubt from a senior member like the author whether ISC is starving just because 'he' has not been receiving cc for the past few days is no doubt demeaning and can sufficiently demotivate new as well as old active members.

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    From the response of Jagdish Patro it is clear that since my response in forum has been treated as ask expert answer that one rupee was credited. I am not demotivating any new members. I want the clarification on how the cash credit system works.
    K Mohan
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    Why don't you Guy's go for rating system such as star ratings/stars or any symbols with different colors depending upon the quality of thread/responses, later that can be converted to cash?
    Putting low denomination amount as reward near the thread headings don't look nice, I feel.

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    Good suggestion from Neeraj. The cash credits given to the authors are visible to other visitors and that may have the effect on their thinking level.
    K Mohan
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    Neeraj, would a star or rating of any sort be of any help unless the person posting contents is aware of its value? One should be able to know what he is writing and should be prudent enough to judge its relevance and value. No star or cc would be better than the satisfaction one derive by putting in something worthy. This is my personal opinion and I prefer to be guided by this theory.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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