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    'Well begun is half done'. Do you agree with this?

    There is an often quoted idiom ,'Well begun is half done'. Can we accept this as an universal truth? Will this become a fact in practice? I have reservations for accepting this as an universal truth. I have experienced several incidences or projects which had a very good beginning but had to be discontinued due to several reasons.

    In the case of Govt. projects, very often there will be a very fine function in the beginning as inaugural function and will also start the work with much enthusiasm. But slowly this enthusiasm dies down and the project gets wound up. This is not happening in public sector alone. In personal life also such experiences will be there for many. Of course, I am not generalizing this. Successful projects would have started well in several cases. Also there can be several cases where the beginning was very slow and without any publicity, but the end would be noticed because of its success.

    What is your view on this?
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    I agree with the saying 'well begun is half done'.

    Generally many of us have some lethargy and inertia. So we go on postponing things. However if we shake off the initial lethargy and hesitation and start or initiate the activity, then somehow we get involved in it and the task gets completed. In cold seasons most children do not like to take bath in the morning. However it is only the first pouring of water that is the blocking bar. Once that first pouring of water is over, one may not feel the cold and will go on with bath.

    Regarding the author's doubt in accepting the saying as universal truth- the saying has not committed on completion. It only says 'half done'.That means half is remaining. It is general human tendency to feel that 'having come this much, or having done this much let me finish When something is half done, it is only wise to complete it to avoid the loss of what is already incurred. So either way the saying holds true.

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    Any event if we start with a plan and if the starting is good, the whole event will go as planned. Sometimes what happens the event may not be started on time as planned , then the event is to somehow completed by the time it is planned. As the starting is not in time of planning the event will have to be changed every where to complete it in time. That is the reason probably people say if the beginning is good we can take it granted that the program will bee completed as planned in time. An improper planning will result in a confusion. For any event or activity starting as per program is difficult and we always find people walking late to the function or event. So if we can see that every body is on time and if the program is stated well as planed it will go till as planned. Probably this is the meaning of this statement
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    Yes I agree with the author the that well begun is half done. There are certain departments like the roads and drainage works which are controlled by syndicate of contractors in collusion with officials always plan for such work which keeps their purse ringing with income. For example every year during Ganesh Immersion , the Tank Bund foot path gets damaged due to placing of heavy cranes to lift and dump the idols. Again after the immersion is over that place is claded with new flooring and parapet wall. I am seeing this make over every year and the contractors are hugely benefited. Why not they simply have cement flooring and no parapet wall. But I must appreciate here that without much hungama or advertisement, the Hydereabad Metro Rail project being constructed by L & T are doing their best to complete the project and their works are really appreciative without giving much hindrance to public. Here works going on silently the the results are well done.
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    Very true in principle but often in practice the half done stage becomes the end point.Whne any project is started even the simplest one like a mini backyard garden to the complex project of a dam or an Interstate water project, it all starts well with ideas and suggestions at various stages, a basic idea about the budget and resources needed. It's launched or started very well but as time goes by the project gets stalled. The reason would be many,change of the principal initiators, change of leadership or government officials,slow progress at every step, improper budget planning, cost esclation and delays that become too prohibitive. Sometimes the project that made sense to start with, over the passage of a couple of years, it becomes less useful or outdated. In the public sector, there are many white elephnat projects that are so good in the drawing room but doesn't help the people at that specific location and hence it remains to be in the books only after a promising start.

    In my personal experience this has been true, I had started a distance education course as it was relevant to my field and due to lack of interest and having a job with commitments meant that the new course was not mandatory for my promotion or holding the current job, I dropped it, then after a year re-started it as I had already paid the full fees.

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