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    What's so funny?

    Somebody slips and falls. It is an instant reaction of most people to laugh. Why? For the person who slipped, it is definitely not funny and may even be a very bad fall with serious injuries. Why do people find it hilarious that the person slipped?
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    Over the years and in fact over the eras it has been sheer joy for the human being to laugh at those who fall on the ground. The best example here can be cited from Mahabharatha. When Duryodhan visits the Maya Sabha created by Pandavas, at one place he slips into the water where as it looked like ground for him and thus Druapadi split into laughter which annoyed and angered Duryodhan so much that he took the vengeance of war and ultimately to destroy the Pandavas for nothing. So human being always experienced the element of joy at the cost of others suffering and that can be instantly seen on their face.
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    Actually, it is a misconception of many people that when Duryodhana fell down Draupadi laughed at him. But originally in Vyasabharata, it was not like that. Draupadi was on another floor of Mayasabha and he was chitchatting with the relatives who came for the Rajasuya Yaga. Meanwhile, Duryodhana fell down and wanted to observe anybody noticed him. Exactly he saw at the moment Draupadi talking and laughing with her relatives. Duryodhana mistook this. Anyhow that is not important. Sometimes certain actions will take place as refluxes. This laughing at somebody else's fall is also a reflux. Automatically without our intention, it will happen. Afterwards, we may repent of the same. So it is unintentional and not to hurt anybody. We may immediately go and help that person to get up also. So I think nobody should take this laugh as a serious issue.
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    I have seen that if the victim is a child, the laughing actually reduces the pain he suffered. The child also will start laughing.Suppose the mother also takes it serious and she shows a dropped and worried face, then the child becomes worried and panicked. Its pain and shame only increases.

    Probably nature knows this and puts this as the spontaneous reaction in us.

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    I have this habit. I always laugh when someone trips or falls. I even laugh when I fall. So though I'm guilty I can't really do anything about it. This habit or a reflex it is now, is too hard to break. It's not just anyone, I even laugh when the people I love fall. I'm propagating equality that way.
    I have a theory. Laughter is biologically a panic response. Why do you think you laugh when it tickles ? It always tickles in the most sensitive and the vital parts of the body due to soft flesh.
    In the same way, when a comrade or a member of your own species fall, you respond to panic by laughter.
    I'm not even kidding. Look at monkeys. They "smile" when they're tensed.

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    It is never funny, but we tend to laugh or at least smile when someone slips or fall down because, as said in the responses above, it is a reflex action. We laugh when someone trips or slips and fall down but do we do it when an elderly person fall down? Or do we laugh when there is a possibility of someone tripping and falling? I don't think. We laugh when an energetic person falls; when he trips or slips at a place where there is actually no possibility of such an accident occurring. That means we are in our senses and the laugh or smile is an instant reaction and has got nothing to do with our next possible reaction of trying to help him. We do not laugh because we feel happy or excited but the laugh on an unexpected fall is just an immediate reaction tickled by our senses. The fall is never funny but our laugh is and we may think about it and keep laughing later on too.
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    I must agree that my son and myself laugh when we see someone slipping or falls in the playground or the common areas in the neighbor, we have escaped with a couple of stares at times. I think its just human nature. If you look at funny videos, there will be many likes and watched numerous times. Kids just brush off and continue playing, if they are adults they take a few minutes to get there balance and sit down and then move on. What is more interesting and shows the human side is, if the slip is little more serious or the person in flat on the ground, at least 2-3 people, complete strangers stop, help them and somebody gets them some water, someone loudly voices the concern about a bad footpath or a hole.Until the person is back on the feet and says, I'm ok at least one person hangs around. We laugh all the time but do care if someone is in trouble.

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    Well, the question is: "What is so funny''? I think that the awkward posture while falling/tripping makes others to smile/laugh. And the person who is falling, is more conscious about this awkward posture. He/She feels more embarrassed than pained when he/she falls, and others enjoy(!) the posture.

    I have seen something more awkward. I have seen tight dress gets torn after falling/tripping (of a person), which causes extreme embarrassment on the road.

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    Funny situations and awkward things instigate laugh in people. They spontaneously react to it without bothering that they are practically offending or insulting the fellow who is trapped in the awkward situation.

    This is a bad gesture but yes, unfortunately it is there.

    There are a very few people who instead of laughing come to the rescue of the trapped person and try to tell others that they should be careful in such places or situations so that it does not happen to anyone.

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