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    Changing Demography - majority become minority in their own state

    What do you think are the reasons for a majority becoming a minority community in a particular State or region? Debate on this interesting topic.

    Many people criticised the idea of religious statistics of census 2011 and cited reasons for not being secular but what actually bothering about these data are in many states people who were in majority are becoming a minority. Don't you think this situation needs a little concern from government and media? Leaving the pseudo-secularism behind, we need to look into the real negative aspect of this situation.

    This situation is clearly visible in case of the state of Assam where people who were indigenous of this region (which were tribal people) has become the minority as the insurgency from other countries is happening at a such a large scale. These insurgents not only taking away many opportunities which should go to Indians but also causing many conflicts with local people because of their criminal activities (not all these people are indulging in criminal activity but their insurgency has increased crime rates also and fear of losing their identity among locals).

    What is your thinking about these changing demographics? And what should be done to change the situation?
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    An excellent thread raised by Ms. Joshi. Yes, this alarming trend needs to be discussed threadbare. In Dhuburi, Borpeta and in another eight districts, Assamese and Bengalis (Hindus) have become minority. In another twenty years, Assam is going to be a minority-dominated state. In West Bengal in last twenty years, Uttar Dinajpur, Malda districts have become minority-dominated. In North and South 24 Pargans, Hindus and a minority community have become almost equal. Along with demographic imbalance, the criminal activities in these two states have increased by leaps and bounds. In other North-Eastern state, religious leaders of another community has been playing conversion game. At present, the religious leaders have been targeting Arunachal Pradesh.

    Instead of taking note of this alarming situation, the Central Government tried to suppress the religious data in 2011. The religious data of Census-2011 has been published only after the present Government came to power. This is possible only in India.

    I sincerely thank Ms. Joshi for raising this very important thread.

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    What is the role of a Government in this ? Human beings on this earth want to live without hunger. If anybody provide necessary food and other facilities, by human nature, will move towards that asylum. He is thinking first about his stomach. Everything comes next only. When stomach is empty he looks the food item before him. He is not worried about vegetarianism or non vegetarianism, this religion or that religion. Men and women ( negligible number of eunechs too) are two divisions among humans. Other divisions are man made.
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    Firstly Thank you Partha sir and Mr. T.M Sankaran sir for responding to this thread and responding to it. Because it is really a situation which demands attention from people all around the country we can't deny the fact that a whole how people to exploit are increasing and resources are still same for the same area of land and that too the people who are disrupting the whole demographics and a peaceful area, only showing that you are secular and in the name of human rights we can't give asylum to anyone entering our land and property it will be like inviting a thief to come to our house and share our property.
    Even compassion is relevant and meaningful only when we have something in our pockets otherwise giving your food to a bagger who has made it profession and staying hungry yourself is utter foolishness, and a country like ours where thousands of youth are in line of seeking, thousands of people sleep on the street and get only one time meal this kind of compassion, sympathy, and biases towards its majority will definitely be proved as fatal.
    And from what Partha sir has told that previous government to tried hide these facts showed how much fake this cloak of secularism by so called intellectuals of our country.

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    An excellent presentation by the author. The situation is really alarming. I will go a step ahead and tell you another aspect. people belonging to a particular minority section is against the family planning. So their populations are in the increasing mode and the people belonging to other religions are going for family planning and hence their population will come down. A stage may come that minority and majority may get interchanged. Even then the tag of the minority may be there with the same religion. This is my worry.
    As expressed by the author no one can donate food to the beggar without he himself not eating. That is true and fair. But in Assam, as expressed by Partha the minority population will increase. The government can't do anything for the change. But the government should see the change and the tag of the minority should be removed once they become the majority. Do members agree with this? Is it not fair?

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    Extreme cases need extreme solution. To take extreme solution, Government must rise above vote-bank politics. And both the State Government and Central Government have to work unitedly.

    With the change of Government in Assam and Assamese people becoming more and more conscious, extreme solution is possible in Assam. Bodos in Kokrajhar district (of Assam) under Hagram Mahilary have shown the way.

    But what about West Bengal? The state government in West Bengal has come to power due to minority vote-bank. Drastic action is still far away in the state.

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    Changing demographics are part of the development process and urbanisation. Today employment avenues and opporutunities are unlimited and they move within the country easily. We cannot take a stance that one particular state is for one particular caste or language oriented groups. Then we will have multiple inter-state issues.
    The issue with Assam and the insurgents you talk about are focal to that particular region and needs to be tackled effectively by the state with the help of the center, once insurgents are let unregulated then it's a chronic problem for which the solution is not easy.
    If there are refugees in these areas, then they need to treated as per the UN council and Geneva conventions for refugees. It is difficult but only way is the state and center to draw up a plan and involve SAARC and ASEAN pressure if needed to curb the insurgents

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    Good thread initiated by the author. In some states people from other places take shelter and they do so under the patronage of central government to which state cannot interfere or stop them. If the locals of Assam has become minority because of insurgence taking their presence felt more is the cause of this facility created by the central government. Even when Sri Lanka was tense many Tamils got the refuge near the sea shores of Tamil Nadu and later they have been sent back. Central government must come out with preference treatment to the locals otherwise confrontation is imminent.
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    Ms Neelam Joshi,This is a major concern. Mass migration is happening unabatedly in eastern borders. We should not view this on religious angle. I think this is due to economic disparity between regions.
    Your thread reminds me one of my experiences while I was on a trip to Gas exploration field in the state of Tripura.
    A train (exceptionally more compartments than found in India) coming from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, passing very close to the international border with Tripura state, stopping very close to the border in a forested area, people getting down, crossing the border by bribing the BSF personnel, and vanishing in the Indian side. When I enquired about this incident I was told that as a part of bilateral agreement between India and Bangladesh, people are allowed to cross the border for small trade and businesses and are returning back at the end of the day! It is happening since years and still continuing.
    Why successive State/central Governments are not taking actions to seal the borders?

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    "Why successive State/central Governments are not taking actions to seal the borders?''-This statement clearly indicates that most of the people of the country are totally ignorant about the topography/terrain of India and Bangladesh border or Pakistan and India border.

    Sigh! Nothing more to comment.

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    A very thought provoking thread. The problem of insurgency is really a matter of great concern for all of us.
    As our borders with Bangla Desh, Nepal and Myanmar are not sealed the people who are desirous to shift to our country are getting opportunity to cross border and are starting to live here. Once they are here they get same treatment as we are getting and with time get the identity cards like Aadhar and Voter cards etc.
    The solution to this problem is not seen presently until drastic actions from Govt are taken in which case many politicians and leaders who are harping on these votes will not be happy and try to topple the present Govt on humanitarian grounds.
    There is a saying that everything is correct in love and war. I feel that everything is correct in politics.
    No one is bothered for the majority becoming as minority because that is not their concern. They are only interested in vote banks and dirty politics.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Ms. Bhatt: You have nicely summarised the issue. No political party bothers about the impending danger. They are busy garnering votes.

    As I have already stated, this happens only in India.

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    This is a subject of grave concern we now see in our country and which can bring serious repercussions.

    For many years since last fifteen years the trend was discussed in exclusive meetings of homogeneous groups or like minded individuals mostly in a hush voice. The government also dd not divulge the facts and data for much long. It is only very recently that the data has been allowed in public and debate is going on.

    The very first reason was the over importance and thrust given to family planning in the country, believing the imported economic theories and solutions. The Indian people were conditioned to feel shy and belittled for the huge population of this country. Students were taught in economic classes that India cannot grow due to its population and its 'Hindu rate of growth'.

    Indians were bombarded day in and day out that the cause of all the ills of this country was its population.
    Those religions who were relatively liberal and open to new ideas sincerely followed the family planning methods and very soon the birth rate came down for them . In addition to this late marriage became a norm. Legally also child marriages were barred. By that itself the people lost one generation in between. The real generation gap occurred and affected the replacement rate,pace and numbers. Later on due to the modern life style and the non-traditional food habits and life style, the fertility of the people also started diminishing, and many couples continued without a child. This drastically reduced the replacement rate and population came down in geometric proportion in each further generation period.

    At the same time, certain section of people were brainwashed and compelled by fanatic religious indoctrination to have polygamy /polyandry and have more and more children. Parents of these children did not feel the burden of upbringing more children because they got various extra benefits, aids and support from government and other l sources. Most of these benefits were discriminating as the same was not given to other religious sections.

    Illegal mass and systematic migration from neighbouring countries continued for decades and still continuing with the clandestine support and sympathy on religious sympathy and commonness. This has totally disturbed the border states and created heavy imbalances.

    All these resulted in the present state of affairs when the demographic equations have totally changed and caused a disproportionate tilt and disturbance, changing the earlier relative ratio topsy turvy.

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