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    Overthinking destroys happiness

    Do you think a lot of anything? Do you think without any reasons?
    Even a small talk or discussion with anyone, makes you think of various reasons and the in and out of it? Some people get very sad and spoil their mood on little things, just because of overthinking.

    Overthinking means when you keep thinking and thinking and that ultimately leads to tension.
    Overthinking sucks the roots of your brain and makes you unable to think anything further. It destroys happiness.
    When you overthink on a particular situation, you become unable to deliver any opinion because your mind is not able to segregate the outcome from multiple thoughts. The neurons inside the brain are not able to receive the right signals of action and that is why the response becomes zero.

    Overthinking occurs, when we are confused about something. The unclearer picture in our mind, makes us think more and more, as to what could be the impact of it, or what has been told to you, you fail to understand it.
    Overthinking makes room for negative thoughts. It creates problems for us. We will not be able to find any solution to a problem if we overthink it. Rather it will cause more of disappointment.

    So, stop overthinking. Let the things go. Let the situations that you do not control have their own way. Stay positive and hopeful. The best we can say sometimes is "Let the music play."
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    Yes I agree with the author that over thinking shall destroy our peace and happiness too. Why because we always go beyond extreme thinking level which never happens and our notions becomes wrong and that gives more anxiety and increased the blood pressure. What I invariably seen in the behavior of the people that they not only think too much about themselves but also worry about others for no reason and that is why even at the young age some gets wrinkles and also gray hair sooner. Let the things happen on its own, We should give the time to take its own course and the life would prolong as planned.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In my opinion, overthinking will give happiness sometimes and sometimes it will destroy happiness. That depends on the matter of which we are thinking. Sometimes when we plan an event or trip we go on thinking about the arrangements and planning we get more and more innovative thoughts. That will give us happiness. When we have taken up a project we want to make it successful. So if we think more and more about we will get good ideas and simple ways.
    But if it is a problem and it is a matter which is not very pleasant, if we think more and more about that your pain will increase. For example, if you paid a little excess for a commodity than your neighbour if you go on thinking more about that your grief will increase,

    always confident

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    From my experience I have felt that over thinking will end up destroying happiness. I normally think too much when I am alone at home and has nothing to do. Sometimes I think too much about any issues and will end up spoiling my entire day. Finally I, would think, I should have gone for work today then I wouldn't have such thoughts.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Yes, I agree with the author that overthinking does destroy our happiness. We keep thinking we should that in this manner or that manner and end up doing nothing but thinking about it and later regretting why we didn't take that step.
    This circle keeps on once we enter a zone of overthinking but if we are able to take rapid action and rapid decision even we might later regret few mistakes but we never regret taking a risk.
    Overthinking comes because of the fear of risks but once we are comfortable with risk-taking and if we take a calculative risk this problem will slowly begin to fade.
    So thinking is good but overthinking is bad really bad and we need to avoid this.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    What is over-thinking? How much thinking is over-thinking? I do not agree. We must think before taking any important decision. We must try to analyse the pros and cons, the relevant factors before taking a decision. We can't take any important action without thinking.

    Can we say this at the time of chosing a partner? Don't we think and think before taking the decision? Don't our parents think all the pros and cons before selecting partner for sons/daughters? Do they feel, do we feel that over-thinking would kill happiness at that time (before selecting a partner)?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Sure. I heard a small story in our satsangh. A centipede was on its way,one day. A snail on the way saw this and told the centipede, 'brother, I astonished the Grace of God that I have not provided any legs but you have been given many legs.' Without stopping with this, it asked further,'ok, brother, of these legs which leg you step first?' By hearing this, the centipede start to think about the leg and on getting confused from routine, and fell down in the gutter. So over thinking, that is beyond the routine, leads to danger.

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    Being overanalytical and or thinking a lot does make things worse many times for us and for the people around us.It can range from simple issues like buying one more extra vegetable for the week today to day issues like what would other think if I do this or if I do that. Purchasing some small gift for friends or families, how and why people around us are much wealthier than us. These are things that can be counterproductive from a simple waste of time to get into depression.
    Many times, people get moody or withdrawn when things do not happen the way they wanted it to.If it's a major failure, then try and think about it but there is little point in thinking every day about the same failure at the risk of ignoring new opportunities. Life is not infinite, we have to think about issues, decision and give it the appropriate merit but we should avoid overdoing it.

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