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    Different people - different set of characteristics

    We are surrounded by a lot of people who teach us some of the other things everyday. Everybody has some good and some bad qualities. Some people are harsh in their tone but have a very good voice. Some people have fear of speaking on stage, but they can write very well. Some people are a very good artist but do not like studying. Some people are very good in their studies, but not interested in any extracurricular activity.
    Somebody is good in something or something else. Everybody is there to teach us some of the other things. Now if we talk about things in general that happen in our life. There are various people who cannot understand other person's nature, but they always talk with a very nice tone. Some people work hard a lot to achieve anything. Some people will not talk in a normal way, but have a very good record in work, sounding technicality, we should try and learn from such people. Some people will be good to you but bad for others. Even there are some people who will just keep gossiping about others, but they can prove to be a good source of information, regarding any help or they can be helpful too at times.

    So, different people have a different set of characteristics. Some people are highly interactive and can make everybody laugh with them and change the mood of people. They can turn the situations also from quiet to noisy or people could start speaking a lot.

    We can always learn some or the other thing from people around us. Anybody can teach, does not matter if the other person is elder or younger. It is like if we want to learn or not.
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    While interacting with opposite persons we know their characters and ability at the first instance itself, and we must have the knack of knowing them. While preparing rice, you can just test one rice whether it is properly cooked and fully cooked. Likewise we can also know the character of the persons and their talent in their first meeting with us and it is up to us whether we should continue the relation or prolong. But as per my experience goes we can learn from every one on daily basis provided we keep our ego aside. No matter it is the child or the elders or even strangers, there are ample chance to learn and remember.
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    The author has made a good presentation about the mentalities of people and how they differ from person to person. No two persons thinking and mentality will not be same. It will vary. If you go to a cloth shop with two or three ladies, it will be a herculean task to them for coming to a common point of acceptance. If you see the tastes of persons vary. I like sweet much but my wife likes Mirchi more. It is natural. Generally, they say in chemistry that like dissolves in like. So it is always better to understand the mentality of others and if it matches with us we can go with him and continue our friendship. Otherwise, it is better to try to be within the distance. I like to spend my majority time on my laptop. But my family members like to sit and go on talking for more time. That I am not able to cope up with them. Finally, I have an agreement with them. Daily we will spend two hours together and when they go to sleep in the daytime I will sit on my laptop. This I am talking about a day of a holiday. The working days we will be busy with our works.

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    Gauging an individual's character cannot be compared to checking if rice is cooked or not! It is wrong make an instant judgement on a first meet. In fact, even after knowing a person for many years, we may not know all aspects of that person's character and behavioural characteristics, skills and talents. There are many layers to a person, peeled away slowly over time, but not necessarily ever uncovering the real heart of the individual.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Regarding the topic of this thread - Yes, of course, no individual will have one characteristic trait and not necessarily even have similar traits to others who are in the family or in a group of acquaintances. It is but natural that humans will not only differ but also there will be opposite traits within a person. Interacting and communicating with others brings out the traits and thereby learning experiences, both good and bad.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Very apt, daily we come across some many old and new faces, as the faces differ so do their outlook and interactions. Even within the family, we differ in our thought process and interaction skills. Some are bubbly, some are chatterboxes, some are outspoken, while others are quiet but friendly. There are few who are stern and mean business. The difficult ones are people who sneer with sarcasm or even smile with hands at their back, waiting for you to turn around so that they can show their true colors. We have to be socially acceptable and interact with all these groups of people. Over the years with maturity, life teaches us how to keep away from the bad ones. We have to respect people for what they are, take the positives from them, ignore or brush aside the negative remarks and thoughts. We cannot learn or live alone, hence we need company of fellow humans, at what distance we keep them depends on what their intentions are.

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