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    Do you have the characteristics of a good citizen?

    Are you a responsible citizen? Are you aware of your responsibilities? Do you take your responsibilities to the nation as seriously as you do it with that towards your family, friends or relatives? Join this discussion and share your thoughts and ideas and, start being a responsible citizen.

    Today people are expecting many things from the Govt. Free education, job opportunity, justice in time, cheaper commodities, less taxes etc are some of the demands that time to time emerge out of citizen pockets.

    Govt may be trying to provide its citizens many facilities or may not be successful in its endeavours that is one part of the story but at the same time as a good citizen what we are contributing to the progress of the nation is also another part of story and is as important as the first part.

    Are we attentive to traffic rules? Are we disciplined in public places and do not create stampede but wait for our turn in a queue? Are we adhering to corrupt practices when we are holding important positions in Govt? Are we keeping our premises and working places clean?

    These and many more are the questions we have to ask ourselves and find out whether we have the required characteristics of a good citizen or we are expecting that Govt has the sole responsibility of improving and maintaining the systems.

    What are the views of members on this?
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    According to me the following characteristics that may feature in a good citizen.

    Having at most faith on the mother land and respects the national security as the prime motive.
    Reach out to those in need and particularly during calamities.
    Pay taxes and other dues to the government in time.
    Report corrupt activities in government departments to the Anti Corruption bureau.
    Never ever allow strangers as the tenant as they may turn out to be anti social elements.
    During elections casting vote is must. Sincere citizens cast their votes without fail.
    When you are right, the government shall reach out with good development work and that is reciprocal.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In this democratic country, all the responsible and patriotic citizens are expecting the government to perform without expecting anything from the citizens in return. We don't want any responsibilities but we want to have every right. This attitude prevails in many citizens. But it is better to do our part properly. Then expect from the government. A good citizen should try to be a rule follower in all aspects. Follow traffic rules, pay taxes as per the government rates, purchase everything with the bill, keep the surroundings and the public properties neat and clean. Don't ask bribe or don't give bribe. Have concern for the environment. At least if all the people have some of these qualities we can say that our society is good and responds properly to the need of the government. But how many we can find in the present society?
    always confident

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    For me being a good citizen is first to do no harm to fellow citizens and the country.No illegal income or business
    Don't stoke communal and religious sentiments, Pay the taxes and register the property with the true values, Refrain from bribes, Follow rules and regulations when in public places. Then try to do good things supporting the underprivileged in whatever manner you can, buying goods produced by the country wherever possible
    Stand up for crimes on women and children or at least lend your voice. safeguard your neighborhood and a small pocket of green cover and when possible contribute to increase civic awareness and basic education in your own way. Participate in national events that signfy our freedom and communal integration.

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