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    When the day ends with multiple problems, better go to bed, because tomorrow be too hectic.

    Normally some time we come across multiple problems on single day and unable to understand the consequence nor have the definite route map to get out of them. In that situation if you seek some ones suggestion or help, they wont oblige as people are not habituated to listen to multiple problems. So it is better to go to bed and retire for that day. Because tomorrow is going to be more challenging and a hectic day is awaiting. But for a person who is habituated to take risk and face challenge, a definite way to bail out would be under way.
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    Yes, I agree with you that if things are not going as per your plan its better to just leave them as they are and take some rest for sometime. But I don't think so that a person will be able to sleep if so many things are going in his/her mind. So it would be rather good if he prefer to do something creative in that time and divert his/her mind from a particular problem.
    As there goes a saying, when nothing goes right, go left.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    It is true, sometimes we will be under terrible pressure and our mind will not be able to concentrate on a single issue and we will not be finding any clue to come out of that problems.
    The best thing to at that time is, to get your mind diverted to some other work. Generally, when I am in that situation what I do is just have a cup of coffee and take a detective book or fiction novel and start reading. While doing this initially you can't concentrate on the book but after a few pages of reading, you will get immersed in the fiction story. My experience is when do this after some time in our mind we will get a flash and we will find a solution to the problem. That solution will be the best for solving your one of the problems. This is my personal experience.
    I feel, sleeping at that may be a little difficult as our mind will be working on the problems only. So diversion is the best technic to be used

    always confident

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