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    Are we becoming a prey to a big devil called consumerism?

    Do you think people have been swallowed up by the evils of consumerism? Are we constantly being incited to buy beyond our means or when we do not really need the product? Understand the concept of consumerism and how to avoid its deadly trap.

    In this society, we are losing our identity as a person and are instead viewed as just consumers. We are so mad about buying things which offer freebies or are at low cost that we don't even think twice about our decision whether it is useful to us or not. It is a race where we need to be first in getting a newly released product. We are attracted by advertisement and enticement that the manufacturer of a product promises and tend to buy things which are of no relevance to us. For example, on the release of Apple iPhone series, the people were so enthusiastic about it that they started booking for it from months ago. Isn't it a form of consumerism that they are just attracted by the advertisements?

    Have you ever become a victim of consumerism? How did you escape this trap of buying things?
    What is the total effect of consumerism on Indian society?
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    I call it a mania. People always want to have the best available and the first person should be the self to get that. This attitude of people is increasing and it is not only in purchasing items, I want to get the highest increment and promotion, every employee thinks. My son should be the world first, every parent things, my house should be the best in the colony, every house owner thinks. The sellers taking this mania as an advantage and trying to fool the public. This attitude should get changed. Everyone should see what is required, what is important and what is the need? The need-based purchase was there earlier when there was a scarcity of money with the public. But these days the cheapest commodity available to everyone is nothing but money. That need-based purchase system should come back. Otherwise, the sellers will be fooling us like this only. As mentioned by the author we will be only consumers but not anything else.
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    Companies have coined out new strategy in marketing where in they would create enthusiasm about a product yet to be released and they gauge the demand and then release the same. When JIO phone was announced by Reliance, every one thought it was a smart phone. Now those who have brought it now are repenting for the mistake as it is the the joy stick phone and not with many basic features. Like wise Apple also created craze and I could see videos where in people were seen sleeping at the doors of the shops selling those phones , so that they would purchase it before the stocks last.
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    I have not yet fallen into this trap for the simple reason that I can't afford it. The accessibility, display,marketing and the sales psychology has changed a lot, gone are the days when people used to shop for what is needed only. Now you step out to buy something because you've heard about it, you have been bombarded with appealing adverts, you've seen the item in the hands of your favorite models etc. The pre-launch media and marketing blitz is so well orchestrated that people are inclined to go more by it than the actual fact.Next is the satisfaction that within the social or friends circle, he or she wants to be the first with the newly launched item, it almost becomes a pseudo-status symbol. Here again if you already have a phone or an Ipad, the salesperson makes the offer so good that you want to buy it, then comes the financial trump card - exchange offer, zero interest,pay 10% now and nothing for the next 6 months, all these perks are so attractive that many buy the product.

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    There are certain things, one can't afford, so certainly such people won't fall into the trap of that particular product. But when it comes to those things which we can afford, we might fall into the trap by seeing repeated ads. These ads at times prompt us to buy certain things which we might actually not need. Yesterday I went to the supermarket and was prompted to take a juice bottle, not because I want to have it nor did I liked it but there was a free mug given away with the juice pack. I know that I can get a mug at a price less than that of the juice, but still seeing the mug I stopped there and was confused whether to take it or not. This is how promotions, offers, and ads trap us.

    In the case of iPhone, I will never fall for it as I have owned one before and was not happy with it. I like my Huwaei phone better and have given my iPhone to my dad. Bluetooth does not work with other phones, downloading music is not that easy, so the basic feature which I am looking for is not that easy in iPhone, hence I won't be attracted with their advertisements.

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