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    What is the significance of a private detective investigation in Judicial processes?

    As we see detectives will be two types one is Private Detective and the other is Government detectives.So if a private detective can crack any information or collected an proof Is there any wieghtage given in courts.Do Private detectives still exist as like in the Movies?Do the practice of detective investigation is recognized in courts and judicial process?What will be the significance of a detective investigation in courts and Judicial process in the country like India?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    In court, if it is a private detective or a government detective it will not make any difference. They will be same for the court. Who is a lawyer? He is not a government employee. He is a private person only. A public prosecutor will represent the government and a private lawyer represents the individual. The judicial system will go by the proof and witnesses. Even a government detective can be overruled if he is not able to show the proofs and prove beyond doubt his point. If the private detective is able to show the proofs and witnesses court will definitely take those points and go in favour of their client. In my opinion, a lawyer is a detective only. He may use a detective to get proofs. BUt lawyer has to do an investigation. There are private detective agencies in big cities where they will undertake the detection activities from the public.
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    Private detectives or investigators (PI) are often used by affordable people and the upper class for delicate and discreet issues. A private detective agent has to be licensed and listed in the Central Insitute of private detective agencies(CIPDA). They have to follow the procedural codes of conduct and ethics formulated by the CIPDA. This includes methods, storage and ownership of evidence collected related to a crime. Once licensed the PI can investigate asset ownership, pre-marital,pre-employment background check, insurance fraud, and corporate theft-related issues.
    There are strict regulations, for instance even if it's a simple case of a domestic fight in the family, they cannot investigate if a police complaint is pending still, they cannot take on insurance claims of government organizations and archaeological complaints. So, yes they can produce evidence, as long as they are licensed, registered under CIPDA, follow the guidelines in terms of jurisdiction and collection of evidence.

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    If a detective is able to get some documentary or in person evidence for the case it is always useful for the party.
    It is the job of a lawyer to present that evidence in the court for the perusal of the judge.
    The judge is not bothered for the way you have collected the evidence. They are only interested in its authenticity and relevance with the on going case.

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    As far as I know Private Detective agencies do exist but they are not a competition or hindrance to the judiciary nor the courts seek their intervention or help. In Hyderabad most of the well off families engage detective services to fid out the details and behavior of groom selected for their daughter. Like wise those who seek loans from the private bankers , the details of the borrower are found out by the detective agencies. Even competitive activities are being judged and towed by the detectives for many companies and thus their work are no way connected to the courts and their proceedings.
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