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    Will there be any Tsunami ?

    Will there be any large scale Tsunami attack on Indian coasts in this December?
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    It is predicted and what's app messages are roaming around that this December will have a horrible Tsunami to remember.
    What do you say Member?

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    There is a difference between 'prediction' and 'hoax'. This WhatsApp message seems to be the latter. A tsunami occurs when there is a powerful earthquake or explosion that can cause the water in the seas and oceans to shift. If someone can predict a tsunami, they should be able to predict an earthquake, first.

    Do not be part of this rumour mongering. Stop spreading this info (fake news). If there is a threat of a tsunami, the authorities will publish advisories and warnings. But, I have never heard of predictions being made on tsunamis. They are like any other natural disaster and happen because of a sequence of events.

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    The nature has been very furious in recent times, unexpected heat wave, continued rains, and the winter is going to be severe , like wise Tsunami can also be possible. Chennai never had such rainfalls in the year 2015 and this year. This underlines that there is a scope for extreme climate and that include even Tsunami. While whats app messages are alerting the people of Tamil Nadu of a possible Tsunami which was not denied by the met department so far. What ever it is, those who are in coast areas, they must be alert and be vigil over each night and watch the weather bulletins regularly.
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    How will we the members be able to predict about Tsunami now in November? It is a natural calamity and we will have to wait until December to see if something bad happens. I hope nothing happens. Fingers crossed.
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    Members especially Juana,
    The prediction is not weather prediction by metrological department , but an astrological prediction about Tsunami in the month of December by renowned astrologers who predicted the 2004 Tsunami which we all ignored.

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    Not to risk my life and face tsunami, I have planned to be away from Tamilnadu and Kerala coast and be in Bangaluru during the month of December. Members residing in coastal area of India should be alert and exercise caution during this December. We do not know what would happen and wouldn't happen.
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    Tsunami is caused by earthquake under the sea. As earthquake can't be predicted, Tsunami can't also be predicted. Let us stop spreading rumour. Whatsapp is nowadays a convenient tool to spread rumours. Let's reply those doomsayers that Tsunami can't be predicted. No such technology is available in the present world.
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    Once again I reiterate and say that it is an astrological prediction, not metrological. Let us wait, watch, and enjoy the absence or suffer the presence of Tsunami in December.

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    Mr. SuN: Most humbly I state that I don't believe in astrology, palmistry, tarrot, feng shui, etc. But I am saving this thread. I will again bring up the issue on 31st December, 2017, and then we will discuss about Tsunami in the coastal areas of India.
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    I recall the doom's day prediction that you had shared with us, a few years back. It was with much conviction that you predicted the end of the world, based on astrology. We all know the fate of that prediction.

    Babu Kalayil's tsunami prediction is going to meet the same end. It has already been flagged as 'fake news' by Snopes and Fakopedia.

    I do not think there is any place in today's world for such astrological predictions. This thread, in the form of a question, shows your doubt.

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    Let us not nurture bad thoughts nor let us keep pessimistic views. Let us hope and trust that nothing untoward will happen. Let us also pray for the well being of all.

    As far as I have read about this mainly whatsapp-spread 'prediction', what I read was it was said by one who claims having an ESP-Extra Sensory Perception. The matter was given out in the letter head of an organisation(B K Research Association for ESP) under his signature. That was dated 20 th September 2017.

    It was not an astrological prediction even, but a personal guess or feeling by an individual claiming to have extra psychic powers.Even astrology is a disputed subject, though there are many thousands who believe init and have some first hand experience of astrological predictions.

    ESP has still very minuscule number of takers and is not yet established. Mostly it is read or discussed academically or as a means by those interested in business with it on gullible people.

    By all means of our existing knowledge, Tsunami cannot be precisely predicted. But there are general knowledge of areas prone to Earthquakes and hence probability of Tsunmai is also there. But the exact date, time and venue cannot be precisely predicted as of now. However Tsunami warning systems are now available in probable vulnerable zones, to predict about possible occurrence of Tsunami immediately after an undersea earthquake in those zones.

    The current thread reference matter can be disposed of as hoax and let us trust that nothing untoward will happen.
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    Some times astrologers create panic among the mass by saying such things which wont happen and then they retract. If more than one astrologer predicts the same way, then there would be some credence to believe.
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    It's based on the letter sent a letter to our PM and interestingly, the earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction authority (ERRA) of Pakistan has directed SOPS to be ready. Whatever it is hope it does not happen. But there is no harm in being prepared.
    1.This is a Government of India website for storms and Tsumani warning and updates- Indian national center for Ocean information services
    2. This website sends alerts to registered people in the storm/tsunami prone regions so that they can equate soon once they receive the alarm- Tsunami early warning system (

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    Precaution is better than cure. What is harm if we stand prepared to meet an eventuality. It could be a right prediction or a hoax. In this sin filled world, God handles the natural destructive weapons like drought, flood, earthquake, storm, Tsunami etc.
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    I agree prevention is better than cure. The alert may not be true. It may be a rumour. But nothing wrong with taking some precautions which may avoid heavy losses. There is nothing wrong with getting ready for facing any unpredicted events that may cause heavy losses. At least if we can save all the human beings and we are able to avoid any human loss, that will be a good achievement. So I feel everyone should make their one arrangement and government should alert all rescue teams and emergency mitigation teams to be ready to face any type of eventualities. Tsunami warning systems are available to predict a possible event of Tsunami immediately after an undersea earthquake. However, let us hope there will not be any problem and even then let us be ready to face in case of any eventuality.
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    I am experiencing large scale Tsunami of threads in this forum now!
    Unable to read

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    Around 1945 there was military operation called 'Project Seal' that took place in New Zealand. It involved placing bombs underwater to create waves like tsunami. They did produce small waves that didn't cause damage like what we know from the recent quake induced ones off India and Japan. These people in-charge of the experiments were able to predict that tsunami and the timing well.

    The man in question with the huge quake and tsunami may be sensing something by intuition or creating something to make profit. It doesn't matter. But it is a known fact that the large militaries would try anything to keep up their strengths and do all kinds of research and testings, including creating quakes and tsunamis.

    When you look at what happened after the Indian ocean tsunami, it makes you wonder about things. Within a day or two after, the US government wanted India to be a part of the US, UK, Australia navies and another country to form some sort of alliance to do relief. Strangely the Indian government refused to join in, and then also demanded those navies to stay out of our territorial waters.

    The US agency that monitors quakes around the world pointed the epicenter of the quake to one place, then another, and again to another place till finally it was about 80 km away from the original place.

    The seismographs that record quakes show differing patters for an earthquake, and for an explosion. You can see for yourself the recordings available online.

    The earthquake and tsunami attributed to the Japanese incident in 2011, again there are discrepancies the narrative given. One can never confirm this officially but there were clashing business and commercial interests against Japan getting fully self-sufficient for all its energy needs by nuclear energy. The nuclear plant in Fukushima is believed to be a target.

    Will there be a huge quake or tsunami? Yes, it is likely possible but not of natural causes. Let us not blame mother nature for what wicked man does and can do yet.

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    There are whatsapp messages floating saying that there is a Tsunami from Sumitra sea and warning has been issued by Srilanka. Is it a fact or a hoax?
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    Though science has progressed much but still we are at an infant's age as regards to prediction of earthquakes and pinpointing its location. As tsunami is associated with high seas earthquakes its prediction is also very difficult.

    Even forecasting of such things by scientific centers of world repute is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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    Mr.Sun, these whataapp started a few days back, Last week, The Disaster Management Centre- DMC-Srilanka has said these are rumors due to the rise in sea levels between Batticaloa-Kalmunai coast. Indonesia has been experiencing a few earthquakes last week with two having a magnitude of 5. So, far these are rumors but there's no harm in being alert pray these rumors don't become real.

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    Which astrologer predicted Tsunami in December?
    Can you give more details?
    Astrology is a predictive science. I would like to know how he predicted.
    Generally, Tsunami -10 to 20 meters are due to Earth Quake, 100 to 600 meter are due to massive Rock Slide under sea, 1km to 6km are due to Asteroid/Meteorite hit.

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    Mr BabuKalayil has predicted this. I don't know how he predicted this likely disaster event. He predicted the 2004 Tsunami also but was ignored by us. Moreover, the Tamil Panchangam also states that there would be a severe natural disaster during this year-end. I also saw a television interview of one Baba who said that 2018 will face a serious natural disaster like Tsunami. He too predicted the 2004 Tsunami in advance, but we ignored. If the fate of the earth is to meet many deaths, we cannot avoid it. Whatever has to happen will certainly happen. This is Kaliyug filled with sins and sinners.

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    I checked the internet source.
    This is not an Astrological prediction as what you said.
    This is only an extra sensory perception visual claimed by a person named Babu Kalyal.
    If it is an Astrological prediction, we can verify it very well. In this case, we can't enter into his mind and verify how he visualized this Tsunami.
    I can only say that these kind of people claiming ESP power become Babas one day and make money and join politics also, if luck favors.

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    Whatever may be! If someone can alert the government authorities and forewarn the future disaster events, we cannot just rest and keep quiet. Many such predictions have come true. So it is better to anticipate and be alert to overcome the situation. If it happens, we won't be there to discuss the past in the future.

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    There is news for you!
    A periodic slowing of the rotation of the Earth is likely to result in an upsurge in earthquakes next year.
    In a paper presented last month at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America,Rojer Bilahm of the University of Colorado highlighted the link between seismic activity and rotational speed of the planet Earth.
    The correlation between Earth rotation and earthquake activity is strong and suggest there is going to be an increase in the number of intense earthquakes next year. There will be a temporary reduction in Earths rotational speed. In these periods there were between 25 to 30 intense earthquakes a year. This will continue for next four years.
    (Source: The Guardian)
    I think, Mr Babu Kalyal might have read this report!
    So, be ready for a rough ride!

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    Why wait for a year?. Why not a month? This is November, and it could happen in December or next year January. So, be prepared to meet the natural disaster. All members staying near the sea shore are advised to shift their station to middle of India to save themselves. Members , don't regret after the Tsunami. We may not be there to discuss this issue at ISC. Beware.

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    My sincere advice to all the ISCian who are staying near the coast (upto 20 Km from the coast). Please try and purchase a life jacket or life raft to escape from the natural disaster Tsunami.

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    This thread is being locked as the author has come up with another in continuation.
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    The two Tsunami subjects are different. One is whether there would be a Tsunami or not, and the second thread is as to how to safeguard ourself from Tsunami. Hence, let this thread live for its full term of 10 days. Don't be in a hurry to block the Tsunami.

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    I am locking it considering your response at #616550.
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