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    Important alert for mobile phone users

    Now we can easily figure out the persons not using mobile phones. Here I wish to share an important alert as I read the same through WhatsApp. Without any second thought we have to consider this by seeing the possibility of danger. A teenage girl was listening to music over her mobile through ear phones by keeping the charger on. She slept in that posture. As the mobile got over heated, it burst and she died with injuries.
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    Attaching the photo.

    [Photo deleted - URL of page can be given if important to the post. Do not attach personal photos of people/disturbing photos - Editor]

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    This is one more example of how laxity on the part of mobile users would put them in life risk situation. Normally when the phone is being charged, we should not talk even the ring comes. If at all the incoming call is urgent, switch off the current and then talk to the person. And keeping the mobile in to the plug during the night and listening to the songs is very dangerous as the songs would be going on played, and being asleep the mobile get over charged and over heated and thus there are every chance of it getting busted as shown in the above images. Thanks for this alert as every one would be cautious now.
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    Really sad! But I do not know why people still do it even when we have heard similar news and incidents earlier. Using earphones is not good at all. It affects your hearing ability and your brain too. In case of emergencies, like when you are driving and all you can use it to be safe on road but otherwise avoid using it. Sleeping overnight with earphones on and also with your mobile phone next you is not at all advisable. These days we get China made phones in the market which can burst any moment.S o be careful.
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    Sad news! These things happen because of the addiction to mobile phones I think. As said by Chitra even though people are aware of such hazards, they still do it. I have read in an article that not only using mobile phones is hazardous, people living near cell phones towers are prolonged to diseases like Cancers, Tumors, Dry Eye, Muscle problems and damage to the brain . ITAS has revealed that the more number of cellphone companies sharing a single tower, the greater the hazards of cell phone towers. So it is always better to prevent rather than suffering from consequences.

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    I always advise caution. I am of the opinion that every one should use the modern gadgets fully complying the instructions and caution given in the manual by the manufacturer or service provider. Even if a manual or caution is not available one should take a normal prudent precaution. Even a bit of over-caution is okay rather than throwing all cautions to wind.

    But standing on that opinion, I also would like to say that we need not take all that is coming in the social media as correct and facts. Let us not panic by seeing the pics and clips coming in social media. There can be fake pieces and even deliberate wrong info spread by vested interests.

    In anything, a prudent person will take the necessary precaution and safety measures to protect himself, his equipments/assets and others around him. Let us take this in that sense.

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    Such accidents are being reported regularly. But who can teach them? Such accidents are rare. But everyday on Delhi roads, I see young men and women cross busy roads while talking in their cellphones. Some people continue driving while using cellphones. How many time do these people require warning? And why do they require warning? Isn't it simple common sense? Is it required to be told repeatedly not to use cell phones while crossing roads, while driving, at the time of going to bed?
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    Disheartened to hear this. It's a timely alert for people especially teenagers who listen to music or watch movies. Maybe the battery exploded. One suggestion, sir I think it is better to avoid posting such sensitive images because if the image is a fake image then the girl's image above is somebody else, if it is true, the lower images are graphic/disturbing some may object it.

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    Both sides of the face of the girl shown in the photo as burnt. These sort of burns won't be caused by a smartphone placed nearby since the blast would burn only one side of the phone if she was sleeping with phone kept by side. Also, a close blast would have burst open the skin rather here it looks like a burn from something burning far away and affecting a large part of the body. That too seems a little doubtful because though you see the face burnt, there seems to have been no damage to the hairs on the head.

    That being said, yes it is important that we should avoid phone usage while charging and earphones usage should be kept as minimal as possible.

    @Chitra - Most of the smartphones are manufactured in China only. And it is not just from "these days" but since the smartphone market was created, most of the phones are manufactured in China only including the iPhones.

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    This is very bad. This type of news is coming very frequently in news. Somewhere or other this news is coming. Even well-educated people are also doing these mistakes. Many alerts are appearing in social media and also on newspapers and news channels. Even then some young people are committing these mistakes and unnecessarily getting injured or losing lives. For every equipment, there may be some dos and don'ts. They are all given with the equipment very clearly. But I fail to understand why this type of mistakes is being committed? Anyhow, let us all be careful while using mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Let us use the equipment the way it is to be used.
    The equipment made in China are available in the market. Many people are going for them as they are cheap when compared to the handsets made in other countries. But the accidents that are being reported are with the good equipment also. Any type of equipment if it is getting abused it may cause some problems. Let us all be careful.

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